100 Things That Make Me Happy Scrapbooking Idea

100 Things That Make Me Happy Scrapbooking Layout

“100 Things That Make Me Happy” is a scrapbooking idea inspired by Rebecca Sower. I remember she did a layout about a similar theme years ago. I can’t remember her exact layout though, it could be 100 favorite things. But I do remember seeing her layout and went, “Okay, I would do this someday…”

Well someday turned out to be years 4 years later. Ha! For one, the thought of listing down a long list of 100 items could be a little challenging… But as I sat down this morning, within a short time and a few pauses, I got my list done.

Then the rest of the time was spent scrapping this long overdue layout. When I’m done, I’m happy. :-)

So yes, it’s one FUN and very MEANINGFUL layout. This layout will speak so much about YOU.

From the 100 things, you’ll be giving out hints and glimpses into who you are and what you like and what thrill you to bits! Don’t get hang up about getting your 100 items perfect.

For me, I just wrote on my list whatever that popped into my mind, in no particular order. I relaxed when I realized that this list of things will likely change in a few months’ time or a few years’ time as my preferences and circumstances might change. It’s alright because what I’m doing here is to “freeze” a part of me on this layout.

Let’s take a peek into some of the things that make me happy…

  • Smiling strangers
  • Giggling nieces
  • Good night sleep
  • Bubble tea
  • Pretty handmade earrings
  • Reading a good book
  • Floral prints and designs
  • Neat and organized room
  • Private time to reflect
  • Being alive
  • Clear crisp vision
  • Being inspired
  • Beautiful papers
  • Acts of kindness
  • Planting good thoughts, etc, etc.

There, you’ve seen a bit of what I’ve written. Now it’s time for you to get working on your list. I wish someday I’ll get a chance to see your list! But don’t be like me and take 4 years to get it done! ;-) You’ll be glad you did it! Have fun!


Supplies used: Cardstocks – Bazzill Basics, Colormate, The Paper Company; Patterned papers – Luxe Designs “Sugar Cookie Jill”, Adornit Carolee’s Creations “Way To Go”, Making Memories “Vintage Hip Collection”; Computer downloaded font; Flower template – Craft Work “Craft Flower Autocollants”; Black pen – Uni Pin Fine Line

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