2015 Chinese New Year’s Eve

Chinese New Year decoration on door.I’ve been cleaning for the past few days. I set a goal to have everything I wanted to be cleaned to be done by yesterday so that I can have a free day today on Chinese New Year’s Eve, which is also our annual reunion dinner occasion.

So yesterday, after dropping my little boy at school. I came home to sweep and mop the floor. Usually these two cleaning chores are carried out over two days. Then, I left home earlier so I could shop for some last minute clothings for Chinese New Year and to package lunch.

After we came home and had lunch, I sorted out the new clothings we would be wearing for the Chinese New Year and steam ironed them all.

At around 2pm, my good friend who was on half-day leave came to visit us. We went to the nearby pizza place to have our tea break. She treated us to Neapolitan penne pasta with turkey ham, a Butcher pizza, popcorn chicken, mushroom soup and french fries. We were sitting on a double little square tables. My little boy sat besides my friend and I sat opposite my friend.

The Toppling Table

On my son’s side of the table, there were bottles of chilli flakes, salt, pepper, and cheese flakes. There’s also the plate of penne pasta, the bowl of popcorn chicken and the little basket of fries. We were happily eating and chatting when suddenly my son somehow managed to topple the table!

In the next two seconds, I saw all the items sliding downwards the table and my mind was telling me, “Oh no! Everything will crash onto the hard floor!” But somehow I managed to catch hold of the table and try to right it up. Next moment, I heard my friend screamed, “My leg! My leg!!” I quickly lifted up the table leg off her foot.

I anxiously asked if my friend was alright. She said her foot was right beneath the table leg when I pushed the toppling table back to its upright position. We were so relieved that it landed on the fleshy part of her big toe and not right on her big toenail!  She commented that the table was very heavy and if it were to land on her toenail, she believed a trip to the hospital would be needed.

I reprimanded my boy and asked him to apologized to my friend and explained the consequences to him. I wanted him to go for time out when he promptly burst into sorry tears. Then as things started to calm down, I continued to chomp on the food to ease away my earlier on anxiety. Then as we recounted the mini sage, we were both amazed at how nothing fell to the floor and even the pieces of popcorn chicken remained in their basket. I felt protected in that very moment.

Last Cleaning Chore for the Day

Anyway, after the mini drama, we came home and after dinner, I had one last task to accomplish. That is, to wash the toilet in the master bedroom. I managed to make my tired body go wash up the toilet. It’s a cleaning chore I dreaded but I knew that once it’s done, I would feel accomplished.

And yes it’s done. I’m done with my spring cleaning!

I thought I would leave it at that till my sister told us she was preparing her red packets yesterday night and I decided to prepare my red packets too before I go to bed.

At night while I was lying on my bed, I told my husband that I felt so tired that I couldn’t sleep. He asked me what I wanted and I quickly replied, “A massage!’ He then gave me a massage that put me to dreamland.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who are celebrating this occasion! May you enjoy a very happy reunion dinner with your family and loved ones tonight. May the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram bring you great happiness, prosperity and good health!

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