A Few Life Updates

It’s Friday and the one week March school holidays is ending very soon. Next Monday, my little one will be back at preschool.

A few things that came to my mind now.

Hazy Day in Singapore

I woke up to a hazy morning. The past few days, I thought it’s the morning fog. Turned out that it’s haze. Was the burning smell that passed through my house this morning caused by the haze?

As I look out of my window now, it’s looking grey. Alright, I’ve just checked out our local haze website and as at 5pm, the PSI has crept into the unhealthy range. When the haze index hit the unhealthy range, prolonged or strenuous outdoor activity is discouraged. Hopefully, winds would blow the haze clouds away later in the evening or night.

Our Republic’s First Prime Minister is Critically Ill

Unfortunately, our 91-year-old founding father of modern Singapore at the present moment, is still in the Intensive Care Unit. Our nation will be celebrating our 50th years of independence on 9th August this year. Many Singaporeans have wished that he would be around to celebrate SG50 with us.

This morning, I’ve read an article written by a Singaporean who’s currently living overseas about her reflections about how Mr Lee has shaped our nation over the past few decades and brought Singapore to where it is today. It made me tear. Movingly written. The writer is able to express what’s in her heart and mind, while people like me couldn’t even summon forth the emotions and words to express in words what I’m feeling.

But one thing is in my heart, gratitude for this great man who has done so much for our nation.

I find myself going online to search for news updates on Mr Lee’s latest health condition every now and then…

Preschool Activities Books for My Boy

Early Read Activity Booklet and Preschool Jumbo Book of Activities.

Yesterday, my little son and I completed the Early Read Activity Booklet given out by his preschool. This activity booklet, with full colored illustrations is produced by our National Library Board. The book has a series of activities that included stickers pasting, cutting, gluing, coloring, counting, and picking up new knowledge for preschool kids.

Then today, I reminded him that he still has another activity book inside his book box. It’s titled “Preschool Jumbo Book of Activities” that his aunt has bought a few months ago.

Probably feeling a little bored since I only allowed him to watch half an hour of kids cartoon this morning and nothing in the afternoon, my 4-year-old asked to do the activity book. We did 15 activity pages in one sitting.

There were crossword puzzles, mazes, decoding hidden messages, and spotting differences in pictures. I find that these are good at stimulating his thinking and I’m happy to see that he’s now able to spot differences, find words in the puzzles, and find his way out of mazes, with some guidance.

My New Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

I’ve been using Xiaomi Redmi phone for the past 10 months after I sold off my problematic Samsung S3. Using the proceeds from the sale, I bought the Redmi smartphone. It was less than SGD200. It was my brother-in-law who recommended this phone to me after he read the specs and saw that it’s a very good phone for a low price. Before that, I’ve never heard of Xiaomi brand of smartphones.

The downside is that it runs on 3G and it’s slower. And the internal memory is only 2GB which I quickly ran out of space as downloaded apps would take up the memory space, and even the added memory card didn’t help much as it would let me save my photos to the Microsim card but not apps. In the end, I had to delete a few apps that I knew were taking up more memory space.

My mobile plan contract was finished up in February, so I could sign up a new two-year contract and get a new smartphone at discounted rates. I didn’t want to top up any money for my new smartphone and in the end I decided on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. It has a bigger screen, 5.5″, 13MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing camera, 8GB internal memory, and it has 4G LTE.

This time round, I switched away from my long-time service provider as the reception in my current living area had been poor for the past two years. My line dropped calls and I couldn’t even answer an incoming call without it getting cut off in the next second. I could be calling someone and the call would be cut off and I would normally have to call the second time.

Since switching service providers, my phone line is now normal and my WiFi connectivity is pretty fast around the house. The bigger screen is good too. Well, I have to hold the phone with both hands as it can get a little tiring after holding onto it with a single hand for a while. .

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my new Redmi Note smartphone. :) I hope it will survive well for the next 2 years.

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