A New Habit Scrapbooking Idea

A New Habit Scrapbooking Layout

This scrapbooking idea can be a slightly challenging one if you’ve not… adopted a new habit recently. But I think you can easily swap that for a new routine you’ve adapted into your life.

Like how your kid has started going to school and now you have the unenviable task of getting up an hour early to get prepared, and making sure your kid get out of the door on time. ;-)

As for new habits, hopefully it’s a positive one (yay!) and something you have put some thoughts into and finally decided that it’s a “logical” move to turn it into a habit.

For me, I had this urge within me to write more regularly for a couple of weeks or was it months since last year. It’s just a thought lingering at the back of my mind.

When the time came to set resolutions for 2009, I put thought onto paper. It’s one of my major resolutions and a new habit I intend to adopt. So beginning January, I’ve been writing more consistently than I’ve done for quite awhile.

Many times, in the stillness of the early twilight hours or mornings, I would write away. And this hour helps set the pace for the rest of the day. A productive hour that makes me feel accomplished even before I turn on my computer.

What’s your new habit? Write a mini story about it and scrapbook it! In future, you’ll look back and see that you’re a “work-in-progress” and do adopt new habits. Have fun!


Supplies used: Cardstocks – Bazzill Basics and Colormate; Patterned papers – Brenda Pinnick “Paper Confections”; Colored felt – Daiso Japan; Buttons – from stash; Color ink – Versa Color Black; Black pen – Zig Memory System “Millennium”; Red pens – Zig Memory System “Fine & Chisel”; Red color pencil – Staedtler “Luna”.

2 comments for “A New Habit Scrapbooking Idea

  1. Geblue
    September 9, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    I’m an ARMY (BTS fangirl), and I want to create a scrapbook about them, and about me and my co-ARMYs. Will you please give me some tips?

    • Fion
      September 11, 2016 at 3:00 pm

      Hi Geblue,

      If you like to scrapbook about your favorite boy band, you can dedicate a scrapbook album to doing that. In that album, you can create various layouts about you being a fan of the boy band, layouts about you and other fans who are your friends, and layouts about the band as a group, and layouts about your favorite band member.

      For layouts on you being a fan, you can talk about which album you own, which is your favorite album or band member, etc. For layouts about other fans, you can share about the events or activities you’ve done together to show support for your favorite band. As for layouts about the band members, you can include details about the band, your favorite pictures of them, their successes, etc.

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