A Sunday Evening Showered with Food and Gifts

Food and gifts from my dear friend and her sister.
My dear friend and her sister came to visit us yesterday evening. They came and showered my son and I with food and gifts. The above collage is made from photos her sis had sent me.

They bought him three tops and a pair of pants. Her sis also gave him the three Christmas cookies she had received as gifts from her office building management but couldn’t bear to eat as the gingerbread man, the snowman and the Christmas tree cookies are too pretty. I too find them too cute looking! They also brought over chocolates and tangyuan their mom had prepared.

The two sisters had spent Sunday afternoon away baking savory cheese biscuits in the shapes of Miffy the rabbit, teddy bear and four-leaf clover. Then her sis who is a lovely cook, had also prepared chicken cacciatore for our dinner. She had made the dish kid-friendly so my boy could eat it.

When they came over, her sis went to our kitchen to heat up the chicken cacciatore and to cook the spaghetti. I helped with the stirring of the chicken cacciatore and chatted with her, while my friend busied herself with playing with my boy.

I’ve made a potato salad from an online recipe in the morning so I could let them and my hubby to try it out. It’s my first time trying out this potato salad recipe. Actually, it was my first time making a potato salad ever. Hee…

I’m intending to make this potato salad for the Christmas party potluck lunch at my elder brother’s place this Thursday. So yesterday was an experiment. Well, my friend liked it enough to finish up what I’ve made.Yay!! With these two dishes, we had a sumptuous dinner.

I later told them both via Whatsapp group chat that whenever they come to visit us, I would be stuffed full with good food. :)

My friend’s sis was very nice to buy a set of Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep toy figurines as a Christmas gift for my son when I told her he’s into watching Peppa Pig these days.

Wow, the sheer delight on my boy’s face as he paced around in excitement while my friend’s sis opened up the gift for him to play with. He was thrilled. He even brought the two toy figurines to his bed at night. I told him he might crush them when he’s asleep so I had him shifted them over to sit on top of his blue cabinet. Today, when he had lunch, he sat them both on his high chair table to “watch” him eat lunch. And when we went to visit my sister in the afternoon, he brought them along. His older girl cousin generously gifted him her pretty toy car which the two figurines can sit in comfortably.

Yesterday night, my son and I were blessed with the generosity of my friend and her sis! I feel grateful to have friends who shower my son with affection and would look forward to meeting him.

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