An Animal Alphabet Mini Scrapbook

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An animal alphabet scrapbook mini album created for my son's class project.I’ve been wanting to show you this mini album I’ve scrapbooked a few months ago for my son’s Pre Nursery (3-year-old kids) class project.

For his third term at the school, the theme was about Animals. Parents were given a home assignment to create a book together with the child.

We were given a few options to choose from:

  1. To show pictures of animals and name their body parts.
  2. To categorize the animals into Pets, Farm Animals or Wild Animals.
  3. To show the animals and their related sounds (I wonder how we can do this into a book form).
  4. To create an animal alphabet book.

With my little boy’s great interest for the alphabet, the last one was the natural choice.

To help me to scrapbook the animal alphabet book, I searched on the web for appropriate animal pictures and that’s when I found the Alphabetimals!  I liked them on Facebook so I could print out the Uppercase Flash Card to use in our home assignment.

How to Create the Animal Alphabet Mini Scrapbook

Animal alphabet book pages showing letters B and C.

  1. Gather two designs of coordinating 12″x12″ double-sided patterned paper.
  2. Fold down each piece of patterned paper into half and cut across the fold at the top. Now the 12″x12″ paper will become two pieces of 6″x12″.
  3. Fold each 6″x12″ paper lengthwise into half.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 to create as many pages as you require.
  5. Put together the cut and folded patterned paper sheets, alternating between the two different patterned paper.
  6. Cut out all the animal pictures and their corresponding names from the printed out Uppercase Flash Card sheets.
  7. Adhere each Alphabetimal and its name to each page.
  8. Cut out a piece of cardstock into 6″x12″, fold it lengthwise into half to make it the cover page for the mini album.
  9. Design the cover page to your liking.
  10. To hold all pages together, punch two holes along the spine of the mini album. Open up to the center pages of the mini album, thread the two ends of a piece of white organza ribbon through the holes and then tie a ribbon bow along the spine of the book.

Animal alphabet book pages showing letters P and Q.

My son used this animal alphabet book to do a little Show and Tell at his class. Since his school year ended in mid-November, this book has been returned to us.


Paper Used:
Mischievous Monkeys by Reminisce; Varsity Argyle 2-sided paper by scrapbook walls; Chalet Argyle 2-sided paper by scrapbook walls

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