Babies Scrapbook Ideas

Here’s 7 unique babies scrapbook ideas that you can use to spice up your baby scrapbook album. These special ideas will help you to tell great stories of your baby’s life and add interesting highlights to your baby book..

Babies are little bundles that rely 100% on their surrounding people for life support. Despite being “helpless”, they wield a certain influence and power in the lives of the parents and the family.

Don’t let some of the most beautiful baby stories flutter away like butterflies. You probably wouldn’t want to swap some of these stories with anything else. So try to capture them down in your baby scrapbook before these skip out of your memories.

Time rolls by very quickly, and your baby will soon grow into a toddler then a kid before you know it.

Let these baby scrapbook ideas serve as a launching pad to more great baby ideas and themes for your scrapbook.


1) A Day in the Life of Baby

OK, maybe you don’t find it funny having to deal with endless diaper changes, countless feedings, soiled baby clothes and more. But believe it or not, this baby routine only last for a few months.

Dedicate a page to a typical day in your life of your baby. Record down the timetable of your baby’s routine. When your baby progressed into the toddler phase, you can look at this page and spot the changes that have taken place.

Another idea is to scrapbook from the perspective as a mother. List down your daily routine before baby arrived. Make another list of your daily routine revolving around your new baby now. This before and after scrapbook layout will easily show the changes in your life.


2) Special and Unique Baby

Scrapbooking layout on a woman holding onto her baby niece, Joy.

Each baby will have their unique features, quirks and preferences. Is she born with a healthy mop of delicious hair? Can he start supporting his own little neck in quick time? Does she love napping for extra long hours? Is there a particular sound that soothes your baby instantly?

These subtle little features and preferences will spotlight the uniqueness of your baby, even before they transform into energetic packets of life forces. So record down these distinctive observations that make your baby special in your eyes.

These babies scrapbook ideas will encourage the belief that your baby has her uniqueness since the day she’s born.


3) Rope in Family Members

Scrapbook layout about how a baby niece color up my life.

When a baby comes into your family, everyone is affected. Document the special relationships or moments different family members have shared with your baby.

These babies scrapbook ideas will remind him of how much he is loved from the very start of his little life. Take endearing pictures of soft cuddling, sweet kissing and gentle singing showered upon baby by family members.

If your baby have older siblings, be sure to take lots of pictures of them being together. Capture memories of all the siblings in different settings and include many “everyday photos”. These layouts will remind the baby of her strong bond with her older siblings since the beginning of time.


4) Little Clothes and Stuff

Have you spent hours sourcing for the cutest baby wear? Did your friends buy you loads of beautiful baby clothes, shoes and accessories? Are there particular sets of rompers that you just love seeing your baby in?

Take pictures of your baby’s closet or little cupboard filled with neatly folded tiny clothes. Take pictures of her baby cot dressed in your favorite bedsheet set.

Are there a bunch of soft, cuddly toys from family and friends? Do a photo session where your baby is surrounded by all these cute soft toys. This is going to be a tender moment when your baby is surrounded by the loving thoughts and gifts of others.

Your baby will soon outgrow all these and yet you have the memories retain in your baby scrapbook album.


5) Look at that Face!

Digital layout on the different expressions of my baby son Kaden.

With that tiny face, babies are great at creating a bunch of funny expressions. Try to capture as many varied expressions as you can from your baby’s cute face. Then do a layout featuring his different adorable expressions.

Alternatively, is there a peculiar expression that she is very good at? Capture her doing that expression at different days and occasions. Then scrapbook a layout based on this series of her “perfected expression”.

When you are to look at this layout years later, you’ll immediately go “Yes, look at that face! That’s the face!”

A good way to fit in many photos of baby on a layout is to use double-page sketches like I’ve done for the above layout.


6) Cover Look of the Month

Mark the changes in your baby’s growth by getting at least one great baby photo for each month of her first year.

Taking one photo a month is easy, it’s more difficult to select one best photo from the big pile of photos you’re more likely to have taken every single month!

By picking out the “cover look” of the month, you’ll have 13 cover looks by the time your baby turns one, from day one to month 12!

This series of cover looks will form a fabulous scrapbook layout that documents the “changing faces” of your baby from the beginning of birth to when she’s one. It’s probably one of your most important babies scrapbook ideas.


7) Baby in the Outdoors

Are you a stay-at-home-mom? Do you take your baby out on daily walks or whenever you are out running errands? Are there a favorite outdoor place that you’ll bring baby to everyday?

A serene corner at the park near your house? A convenience store you would drop by a few times each week?

Take photos of such common places and activities and scrapbook about them. He will love knowing that when he’s a baby, mommy was always bringing him along wherever she went.


Happy scrapping with these sweet babies ideas!

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