Baby Scrapbook Ideas

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As a mom, you simply love scrapbooking baby pages. Baby scrapbook ideas are here to help you capture the best memories of the days of your baby.

A lot of love go into making baby scrapbooks. And baby albums are among the most popular scrapbooks that’s looked over and over again. And guess who’s its biggest fan? Probably you, the mom.

Baby scrapbook pages are among the easiest pages to make because the artless beauty of your baby photos need little dressing up.

A simple guideline when scrapbooking your baby pages. Keep your baby layouts simple and clean and let the charm of your baby speak for itself.

As for ideas, there’s loads of scrapbook ideas everywhere.


Baby Page Ideas

Pregnancy Days

You can start a baby scrapbook even before your baby is born. Document your pregnancy days. Record down your thousand and one wishes and emotions you experience during your pregnancy, and the feeling of having a little baby growing inside of you.

The ultrasound photos, consultation follow-ups, growth of your belly, first baby kicks, baby showers, all these fit in perfectly into the your pregnancy days and have an important meaning to your baby scrapbook.


Baby’s Arrival

Hold on fast, because from the moment your baby is born, there’s even more memories to record. The labor, the delivery, first time holding your baby in your arms and looking into her tiny face, hospital visits by family and friends, well-wishes from others.


Growing Phase of Your Baby

In addition to the physical changes your baby goes through, there comes the traditional milestones such as first smile, laughter, rolling over, favorite toy, hair cut, sitting, crawling, biting, walking and so on.

You’ll be busy taking countless photos trying to capture each of your baby’s little growth.

All these are wonderful as ideas for your baby pages.


The Holiday Occasions

Oh, holidays open up another big source of baby scrapbooking opportunities.

During Halloween, you can jump at the chance to dress up your baby in the bumble bee costume, throw in some cute-looking pumpkin or jack-o-lanterns stickers or die cuts, an appropriate Halloween quote, and voila, a Halloween layout on your baby is done!

Then there’s your baby’s first Christmas with the family. Take a photo of your baby dress in her little Santarina dress sitting amidst all those presents. Christmas tree and snowman embellishments will help to convey a joyous Christmas page starring your baby.


Baby Scrapbooking Tips

You won’t lack of simple baby scrapbooking ideas.

Here’s some quick tips to get you scrapping on your baby photos:

Decide on a theme

Look at the baby photos you’ve taken. What’s the occasion, milestone or theme? Your baby’s first bath? To add in a fun twist, stick on some rubber ducky and happy foam bubbles stickers as page accents.


Choosing a Color Scheme

For babies, it’s a good idea to pick a soft color scheme to match the gentleness and softness of babies. Soft colors also draw the viewer’s eyes to the photo and make your baby appears all the more cuddly.

Soft yellows and greens work well for both boys and girls. For baby girl, pastel pink and frill never fail while baby blue always hint of a baby boy.


Selecting Embellishments

Since baby photos are naturally eye-catching and inspiring, keep your page simple and fuss-free.

Just select one or two pieces of embellishments to add to your baby pages to complete your baby layout.

You can easily get heaps of cute and adorable baby theme stickers and embellishment such as bibs, milk bottles, pacifiers and more to help you doll up your baby scrapbook pages if you desire.


Start Scrapping Away

All these make putting together a baby scrapbook album easy and fun. It’s a matter of you taking lots of pictures, and sitting down to scrapbook about them. All these memories will stay with you and your grown kids for a lifetime.

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Happy scrapbooking baby days!

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