Baby Scrapbooking Layouts Ideas

Get handfuls of baby scrapbooking layouts ideas to preserve your darling baby’s most cherished moments.

Many times, it’s the baby’s arrival into the arms of the mommy that created the desire of scrapbooking.

Babies grow up and transform so quickly that preserving those treasured memories becomes a priority. Precisely for this reason, many moms begin their first attempts at scrapbooking.

Baby scrapbooking is among the easiest and most fun to create because it needs no inspiration, other than the little actions and expressions of your baby.

When you look into the eyes of your baby, it’s a natural wake-up call that you want to capture and retain some of your baby’s most artless and innocent moments, before they are gone in a snap.

And there’s so many little milestones to celebrate along your baby’s journey.

Keeping your baby pages simple is something you might want to keep in mind. Because to express the pureness and innocence of your baby, clean and simple looking layouts work great.


Baby Mementos and Accents

Dig out your baby treasured box and in there lay many keepsakes for your baby scrapbook pages.

Any ultrasound pictures, birth announcements, congratulations cards, hospital bracelets, lock of hair, dropped tooth, etc can go into the pockets or act as elements on your baby pages.

For large items like first little outfit, pacifier, play pen, baby cot, favorite toys that cannot fit into the pages, whip out your camera and capture them on photos. Then these photos can slip in nicely into the baby scrapbook pages.

Adorn your baby scrapbook with downloaded images or stickers showing diapers, diaper pins, bibs, booties, teddy bears, storks, rattles, and of course babies. Scattering some favorite cartoon characters throughout the baby scrapbook is another lovely baby design idea. This also serves as a reminder to the grown-up child of his favorites during his baby days.

Limitless possibilities. Let loose and have fun trying these baby layouts ideas!


Storytelling Time

An exciting baby layout idea is to include touching baby’s birth stories, to introduce your baby to the world. Funny stories, recounts and of course pictures are all interesting things to include in your baby scrapbook album.

Before the birth of my baby niece, her father once dreamed of her becoming a baby genius. Another time, when my sister and bro-in-law were at the doc’s office, my bro-in-law mistakenly pointed to the eye-sockets of my niece showed on the ultrasound and exclaimed excitedly, “Look, my baby has very big eyes!”

Well, all these make nostalgic stories and are amazing baby scrapbooking layout material.

Oftentimes, parent’s input is likely to be the most cherished aspect of your baby scrapbook in future. So put in your loving thoughts! In future, it’ll no doubt tag at your heartstrings to relive those touching words you had for your precious baby.

Remember to throw in meaningful or funny thoughts and quotes from family and friends too. It’ll be really fun to recall what others have said about your baby many years later.


The Colors of Pink and Blue

Talking about colors, if you’re to look at many baby scrapbook pages, you’ll realize that it’s very common that many baby girl’s theme color is pink and blue goes for baby boy. Traditionally, that’s the mommy’s color choice for her girl or boy.

However, to reflect your baby’s unique personality, be bold in experimenting with other colors as they can bring about refreshing changes to your baby pages. You don’t need to stick with the traditional colors all the time. It’s your call.


Others’ Baby Layouts

Many times, to get started, we may need a little inspiration to create our own baby scrapbook pages. You can lots of layout ideas just from browsing others’ baby scrapbook pages. So you might want to check out some online galleries for baby layouts.

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