Big Hero 6 Movie and Lovable Baymax

A big movie poster on Big Hero 6 and a life-sized doll of inflatable Baymax.
Last Sunday, I went to catch the latest animation movie from Disney with my husband. Big Hero 6 is action-comedy and it’s 102 minutes long. Okay, we didn’t plan to watch this movie. We didn’t even know what it was about and had not watched its trailer. There wasn’t much choices on that Sunday afternoon, so we chose it. It’s a good choice after all. :)

The movie was set in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. It’s about a 14-year-old robotics genius, Hiro Hamada who at the start of the movie was engaging in back alley robots fight which was illegal. Not being able to stop him, Hiro’s elder brother Tadashi decided to bring Hiro to the robotics lab at his university to let him meet his friends. Hiro liked to refer to Tadashi’s school as the nerd school but to his utter amazement, he met and was totally fascinated by the robotics projects undertaken by Tadashi’s friends. Hiro also met Baymax, a healthcare robot created by Tadashi to contribute to the worldwide healthcare industry and for the better of the humanity.

Highly impressed, Hiro decided to enroll for the university and Tadashi informed him that future students would have to present a robotics project at the annual exhibition. Hiro spent the next several months creating his project. The movie then traced the great setback and heartbreak Hiro soon faced and how he, together with Baymax and his new friends managed to overcome the bad guy and found their destinies.

I really like the inflatable lovable healthcare robot, Baymax. So big, adorable, fluffy, like a gigantic piece of marshmallow. He was created by the brilliant Tadashi as a robot nurse to Hiro and Hiro’s health was of utmost importance to Baymax. Baymax was later upgraded by Hiro transforming him into a warrior bot. However, as the friendship between Hiro and Baymax deepened, Baymax was able to override his programing and develop his own personality and emotions, and he began to show how he truly cared for Hiro.If y

I can’t think right off the bat what I didn’t like about the movie. I enjoyed it and I believe it would be a big hit among kids and adults alike. And I have a feeling Baymax is going to find his way into viewers’ hearts. If you have kids, bring them to watch Big Hero 6!

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