Birthday Scrapbooking Ideas

Birthday scrapbooking is one of the most popular scrapbooking themes. It could simply be due to the fact that everyone has a birthday and usually a celebration of some sort is in order.

People love having their special day sealed in some way for memory’s sake. And that’s where a birthday scrapbook page comes into play!

There’s various interesting angles you can take on to scrapbook about a birthday.

I’ve come up with a 6 simple and fun ideas to get you started!


1. Birthday Party Bash

This is an easy angle to scrapbook about. It’s mainly about picking out a few favorite photos from the party and scrapbooking about it.

These layouts usually carry a very fun element to it. It’s a party after all. It’ll be better if there are some goofy action involved in those photos as these will spice up the page visibly.

To add a twist, perhaps get a few people to handwrite their birthday greetings for you and adhere these little paper slips into your page for that special touch.

Years later as you look at this page, it’s very soothing to know that once you’ve been so adored and loved by others. Even though the party might be long over, but these handwritten messages have left an eternal print on your heart.


2. Birthday Organizer

Are you planning a birthday party for someone else? Why not plan in advance a scrapbook layout about your organizing progress, hiccups, fun and excitement leading up to the actual day?

Include pictures of people in action getting stuff ready, decorations, food, first look of the birthday girl, etc. If you’ve ordered birthday invites, you can even save a copy for your scrapbook page later.

This layout will go into your scrapbook album as one of the achievement pages.

After you’ve scrapbooked this layout, if you’re feeling generous you can even give it away as a gift to the birthday girl! She’ll feel so very blessed and treasured that someone cared so much to put it all together for her! It’s certain to be a page that’ll be cherished for many years.


3. Milestone Birthday

Ok, if it’s your milestone birthday, you might be dealing with a bag of mixed feelings here.

Set aside ten minutes to interview yourself. Ask yourself some questions like how do you feel about turning 16, 21, 30, 40, 50 or __ (fill in the blank)? What do you think is the best part about turning older?

What are your concerns about being this age? Any special experiences you believe you must try? What kind of hopes and aspirations you hold for the future? Realized anything new about yourself?

After you have gathered the information, scrapbook about these thoughts. Include both the good bits and the not so good bits too. These are fleeting thoughts that if not captured down, will soon be blown away by the wind. ;-) But years later, you’ll be moved by your own frank thoughts and experiences at that point in time.


4. Bring On The News

Nothing really happened on your birthday? Think again.

Scan through the news that happened that day. Print out some of the events you find most interesting and put these into your birthday layout.

To make it even more personal, list down some of the events or issues that happened to your family and friends on your birthday. There are always something that’s happening.

Like for one year on my mom’s birthday, my first baby niece was born! That’s definitely news for the whole family and my mom was super pleased to have her first grandchild shares her birthday. :-)


5. Most Memorable Birthday

Is there a particular birthday that stands out among others? Even if there’s no photo of this occasion for some reason, put it down on a scrapbook layout.

Write about why you feel that’s your most cherished birthday so far? What’s the story? Who’s with you that made it so sweet and unforgettable for you?

Even if you can’t find a photo for this birthday layout, can you get your hands on any remaining memorabilia you might have of that day? If yes, attach it to your layout as it’ll certainly bring back a flood of beautiful memories for you.


6. A Photo a Day

This is an idea that hit me just as I’m writing this article. Why not take a snapshot of yourself everyday for a month/ two weeks/a week leading up to your birthday?

With a series of self-portraits, you have undoubtedly some great material for your birthday layout! An easy idea is to include a short caption to describe your mood/thought of the day to accompany each photo.

How’s that for an unprecedented birthday scrapbook layout? ;-)

I hope you’ll have fun trying out these birthday scrapbook ideas!

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