My Boy Starts Nursery School

My little boy in his school uniform for first day of school.My little boy had his first day of Nursery school on last Friday, 2nd January. The school hosted an orientation and I had a chance to go into my child’s classroom that day.

The principal welcomed the kids back to school and introduced us to the teachers. Then the core teacher shared with the parents about the class curriculum for the year, and some of the school’s projects for 2015.

These soon-to-be 4 years old kids have to wear school uniforms now! White top, light-colored shorts, and white shoes with white socks! Oh my, I feel as if my son is going to Primary School. Last year, their Pre Nursery attire consisted of white sporty tops and shorts and their own shoes. But now, they are required to don on school uniforms at 4. For each school week, there will be three days of school uniforms, and two days of PE attire (aka their Pre Nursery attire).

Now whenever he’s in his school uniform, I would have to keep reminding him to be more mindful. “Don’t roll in the bed!”, “Don’t lean against that, it’s dirty”, “Don’t scrunch up your top, it’s crumpled now!” And I have to iron little uniforms. I already miss the days when it’s just a tee and shorts and no ironing required. But I do have to say, they look so cute in their little uniforms. :)

After the two-hour school orientation, we met up with my dear friend for breakfast. The above picture was taken by her. She’s good at capturing nice snapshots of him. I’ve been trying to take a good shot of him before we left for school that morning but he was too fidgety for me to get a clear snapshot.

In the afternoon, I brought him over to visit my sister and two nieces. While walking around my sis’s heartland neighborhood shops, my little one pointed to a very old-looking ducky kiddy ride stationed outside an old stationery shop and exclaimed that he wanted a go at it.

The joy of 1990s ducky kiddy ride in Singapore.

My sis doubted that it’s working and asked the shop owner if the kiddy ride is still in working condition, he said yes and it’s only 20 cents (our local currency) a ride! I’ve seen such kiddy rides from the 1990s at certain heartland neighborhood shops, but they would normally cost 50 cents so this 20 cents per ride is my son’s first! The kiddy rides that my son took these days in shopping malls cost around a dollar and it’s only for a very short ride.

The moment he inserted a 20 cent coin into the coin slot, the ducky lunged forward, startling all of us! It’s still going on strong, and the ride lasted for a few minutes till the little boy asked, “Is it ever going to finish?” We laughed. I think I’ll let him ride it again the next time we are to pass by it. :)

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