Bronchitis, Meatball Pasta and Nian Gao

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Little One Down with Bronchitis

I was done early last week and had wanted to write some new posts but after school on Monday, my little boy Kaden came down with a fever on Monday evening. I tried to do what I’ve been doing the last few months whenever I felt that he’s unwell or he’s under some virus attack, I fed him some natural health food. Usually the fever would be done in a day or two, and he would bounce back to health relatively quicker than if I were to bring him to see a doc and feed him medicines.

But this time, the fever persisted for four nights. The fever would be gone in the morning and he would be quite energetic, but by mid-afternoon his body temperature would start to rise and by bedtime, he was running a high fever that hit 38.9. And he was coughing away like mad, a very phlegmy kind of cough.

During the second night, he woke up a few times coughing away. On the third night, he woke up coughing more times. On the fourth night, it was the worst, so I told my husband perhaps we should bring him to see doc the next morning. However, the next morning which was Friday, there was no fever again and this time, he was even more energetic, almost his usual self.

I did wonder if I should wait for another day to see how it would go or to bring him see his Pediatrician (PD) just in case his condition worsened over the weekend.

Kaden staring at the TV above the wall mural of the play area at this pediatrician clinic.

We decided to bring him to his PD clinic. While waiting for his turn, my boy was happily playing away with the toys and he was quite loud too. Looking at the queue at the clinic, I was still wondering if we should just go home but I told myself to let his PD diagnose his condition so at least we know what he’s suffering from.

His last visit to his PD was last year June, so it’s been 10 months since and my boy greeted his PD and he was very cooperative with the PD. He chose to sit on the bed, let the PD listen to his heartbeat, opened his mouth wide and did what the PD requested. And the diagnosis is… bronchitis!

The PD said if Kaden were to continue having high fever for the following 3 nights, show signs of breathlessness and vomiting, we would have to contact him and he would put my boy on antibiotics.

But in my heart, I got a feeling that the worst night might be over and we won’t be seeing him again for this. I’ve been feeding him with the natural health food, increasing the frequency and amount, and I know that the natural health food helped a lot with boosting up his immunity and let his body fend off the virus without medication.

After we came home, I debated whether to feed Kaden him with the prescribed medication. In the end, out of the 3 medicines, I fed him one medicine for two times, and the other two medicines for only once on Friday. I continued feeding him the natural health food as I’ve been doing the last few days. His fever didn’t return and he started to sleep so much better that night and the following nights. And I finally could have some much needed rest.

Yummilicious Meatball Pasta

Meatball pasta prepared by Sue.

Kaden did lose his appetite over the course of his illness and he lost some weight in a matter of days. When my sister-in-law saw him on Saturday, she exclaimed that my son has slimmed down a lot! That’s the thing with kids, a few days of no appetite and their weight loss could be obvious. My little one only ate half of his dinner at my parent-in-law’s place.

But when my dear friend and her sister came over in the evening with yummlicious meatball pasta, my son finished up the portion that was served to him! Four of us thoroughly enjoyed the meatball pasta that my friend’s sis cooked.

Yesterday, Kaden went back to school. He was still coughing a little and today he was barely coughing. This illness episode highlighted the power of natural health food in aiding a body to a speedier recovery. But since it’s costly, I’ll save them to use in times of emergency.

Overdue Serving of Fried Nian Gao

Nian Gao fried with flour by my husband.

Okay, here’s a plate of  Nian Gao fried with flour, prepared by my husband last Monday, the day Kaden started his fever. Nian Gao is a a brown, sticky cake made from glutinous rice and usually eaten during Chinese New Year. I’m amazed that my mini red cup of uncooked Nian Gao could yield quite a few slices. It’s sweet and tasty! :)

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