Card Making

Explore the world of card making using your existing scrapbook supplies in this simple step-by-step mini guide. Get your supplies to work doubly hard by scrapbooking cards with them.

Look at your existing scrapbooking supplies. You’re likely to have more than enough supplies to start you off making cards. Next, apply your new-found scrapbooking knowledge to create some one-of-a-kind greeting cards for your family and friends.

The scrapbooking supplies you have on hand are easily applicable to making a few cards. Simply mix and match different techniques and tools to produce your own card creations.

Your family and friends will love receiving your unique cards. I’d love to receive them. Just that most of my friends don’t make cards. Still I enjoy making them for others. It’s always great hearing how much they adore such cards.

I first dipped into the world of making handmade cards when I attempted to make a card for a friend. He loved it and was pleasantly surprised to receive such a card from me. Since then, I’ve made several more cards for other friends and my family.

To show you how fun cardmaking can be, this is a quick guide to show the step-by-step process I took to make a card for a friend who recently moved into a new house.

The purpose is to let you see how doable handmade cards can be. Hopefully, this will serve as a springboard for your own cardmaking ideas.

Card Making Steps

Step 1:

Pick out the patterned papers and cardstock you’ll be using. Cut out the desired card size with your cardstock or patterned paper. For this cardmaking session, all the papers are chosen from Making Memories – Vintage Hip Collection.

Make sure that your background paper is made of sturdy and heavyweight cardstock or patterned paper, as you’ll be wanting your card to last for years.


Step 2:
Cut out desired strips of patterned papers and lay them down side by side.


Step 3:
Adhere a strip of double-sided tape and peel off the backing. Lay a strand of ric-rac on top of the double-sided tape.


Step 4:
Use a white pen to draw “stitching” on one side of the patterned strips.


Step 5:
Create a title tag for the card. This tag is made by layering cardstocks and patterned papers. Some of the edges have been inked. The title is created with a labeler. Adhere the title tag to the card.


Step 6:
Tie a ribbon knot and attach it to a strand of ribbon with a brad. Then adhere a piece of double-sided tape across the background card where you want to ribbon to be positioned. Remove the tape backing and adhere the ribbon across the tape.


Step 7:
Apply another strip of double-sided tape above the adhered ribbon strip. Remove the backing and tape down a strand of ric-rac on top of the tape.


Step 8:
Create another subtitle tag. You can choose to handwrite or apply rub-on letters. Next, draw “white stitching” as borders. Then attach the subtitle tag to the white ric-rac with a tiny gold-colored safety pin. To prevent this tag from shifting, apply three mini glue-dots at the back for a dimensional effect.


Viola! The card is done. You could make a simpler card by taking off some of the steps mentioned above. Similarly, you could make a more complex card design by adding even more stuff. It’s up to your choice and your style.

Have fun experimenting with card making using your existing scrapbooking supplies! Or if you want to get some cardmaking supplies, click here.

If you want to look at more of my cards, please click here.


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