Cardstock is a staple in scrapbooking. One can hardly go wrong with card stock. It’s more heavy-weight, usually about 80lbs, plain colored paper that’s acid-free and lignin-free to help preserve your memories for many years to come.

With card stock coming in yummy names such as cocoa butter, candy apple, kisses, passionate, petal soft, sassy, splash, and a whole load of rainbow colors that dazzle your eyes, it’s not a surprise there’s many card stock fans out there who invest lots in their card stock collections.

Card stock can be plain or textured. Though card stock is very basic, yet it can make your head swirl with possibilities.

It’s probably one of the first thing you bought when you started your scrapbooking hobby. It’s probably still one of the main scrapbooking supplies you buy today. OK, perhaps you discovered you fancy patterned papers more. Even so, card stock is still used extensively to mix with patterned papers as they both work fabulously well together.

It’s undeniably one of the must-have scrapbooking supplies.


The Wonders of Card Stock

Scrapbook layout about my two close friends.

With just photos, adhesives, journaling pen and card stock, you can start creating simple and fresh-looking layouts. If you just use card stock, it certainly cut down the number of decisions you have to make with regards to patterned papers and embellishment selection. That means more time saved and you can complete your layouts quickly.

In fact, before the arrival of scrapbooking embellishments and patterned papers, card stock is among the limited scrapbooking supplies available years ago. Scrapbookers then had to rely on more the creative use of card stock to make their layouts more outstanding.

As more and more scrapbooking supplies, trends and fads hit the scrapbooking stores, some experienced scrapbookers and some of the superbusy scrapbookers have reverted to using card stock more.

It’s interesting that these scrapbookers are going back to the basics. They’re limiting their supplies so that they can focus more on their photos and journaling, instead of overwhelming their scrapbooking pages with fanciful patterned papers and loads of page accents.

Besides working as background paper, card stock is frequently used to create photo mats, tags, borders, journaling blocks, journaling strips and other page accents.

Here’s a quick tip, save those paper scraps from your used card stock. They are marvelous as page accents or when used with other embellishments.

As a beginner scrapbooker, experiment and play with card stock. I’m sure you’ll find that card stock creates classic looks that won’t go out of style. Plus it’s easier to work with card stock before you move on to patterned papers.

And if you’re looking to buy some beautiful, quality card stock that’s acid-free and lignin-free, please click here. Have a delicious time choosing your favorite colors!

Have fun scrapping with cardstock and you’ll soon see what a reliable beauty it is!

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