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Feeling the Holiday Season

Super big Christmas tree at Ngee Ann City.

This was the first super big Christmas tree with beautiful lighting we’ve seen this year. The Christmas tree is about 4 levels high. Till today, we’ve taken pictures with big Christmas trees at three different locations.

Hot Pink Scrapbooking Birthday Card Idea

Hot pink scrapbooking card made with few supplies. Easy steps.

If you’re looking for an easy scrapbooking birthday card idea, here’s one. I made this card for my younger sister’s birthday last year. Yeah, I kept the photos for over a year and finally got them out now to do…

First Dip in Swimming Pool

My little boy's first dip in swimming pool.

Yesterday morning, my husband and I brought our little boy to his very first dip in a swimming pool. It was in the morning and there were few swimmers at the clubhouse swimming pools. The reason it took us so…

Laptop Running Painfully Slow

My laptop, Lenovo G460.

Hmm… in recent two months I’ve noticed that whenever I had my laptop turned on, it took quite awhile to start up. Even when I tried to log onto the Internet, it took some time and eventually a popup message…

Double Sided Scrapbook Paper

Pretty double sided scrapbook paper for your scrapbooking projects.

Here’s a selection of gorgeous double sided scrapbook paper for you to create beautiful scrapbooking layouts with. These paper packs come in various themes, so pick a theme that you know you’ll be using often. Some of these paper are…

Big Hero 6 Movie and Lovable Baymax

A big movie poster on Big Hero 6 and a life-sized doll of inflatable Baymax.

Last Sunday, I went to catch the latest animation movie from Disney with my husband. Big Hero 6 is action-comedy and it’s 102 minutes long. Okay, we didn’t plan to watch this movie. We didn’t even know what it was…

Canvas, Scrapbook Paper and Mod Podge

DIY canvas art print featuring a big red heart shape on scrapbook paper.

Well, I had this canvas print featuring a big, bold number 3 on my wall for over a year. When I first came across this canvas print at a sale about about two years ago, I thought “Great! The little…

End of Pre-Nursery and Start of School Holidays

Book cover of The Preschooler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner.

My 3-year-old son just completed his Pre-Nursery class on 14 November. It’s amazing to witness how much he has grown over the past 11  months. When he started his first day at school in January this year, he cried on…

Scrapbooking Ideas and Life

Scrapbooking ideas, scrapping product reviews and life.

I started this website 9 years ago (almost 10!) sharing scrapbooking ideas, tips, and layouts with women who wanted to start scrapping but didn’t have much clues on how to start scrapbooking. I could help them because I too, was…