Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas

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Girl in winter wear lying on the snow.

Be ready with a list of Christmas scrapbooking ideas to help you capture the most cherished photos this holiday season. These holiday ideas will help you to plan for the photos you’ll like to be taken, for creating a few beautiful Christmas scrapbook pages at a later date.

With a long list of errands to run and a longer list of gifts to make and buy, it’s likely that some picture-worthy moments might be lost during the hectic festivities.

Don’t let yourself be caught in a such an unfavorable situation! Do some advance planning and be ready to keep your camera in hands as you start taking photos to hold onto these cherished memories of snow, Santa, decorations, caroling, presents, magic and Christmas!

So when the humming Christmas season is all over, you’ll be so grateful that you took the time to plan your photo-taking with some Christmas scrapbook ideas in mind.

And guess what, by then you’ll be sitting back relaxed as you’d have the Christmas pictures you wanted, to show proof of the wondrous and magical season you’ve just spent with your family and loved ones!


10 Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas

1) Christmas Family Tradition
Do you have the family tradition of having the whole family to decorate the Christmas tree together? The tradition of building gingerbread houses? The tradition of piling into the car and driving around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas decorations?

What is a must-do tradition that would convey what Christmas mean to you and your family? What tradition has to take place before the Christmas season begins for you?

2) Getting the Christmas Tree
Does the whole family has to go along in search for the perfect Christmas tree? How do you go about selecting the tree each year?

Do you rotate among the family members for the selection process? Or do you have a unique way to do the selection? Why is this day considered a special day for your family?

3) Decorating the Christmas Tree
Remember how you eyes used to light up when your Christmas tree is adorned with hundreds of soft, twinkling white lights? Whenever the Christmas tree is lit up, doesn’t it give off a magical feeling to the whole house as if Santa, reindeers and angels might be arriving anytime soon?

Does lighting up the Christmas tree signify the official beginning of the Christmas season for you? Do you have the nightly ritual of turning on the Christmas lights for the house? All these are great Christmas scrapbook ideas.

4) Christmas Decorations
Is there one particular piece of Christmas ornament that speaks to your heart? Perhaps it’s a slightly old angel with a chip on the wings and yet it has been passed down from your grandmother’s generation, and it’s deemed as the perfect piece of decoration that must sit on top of the Christmas tree every year.

Without it, the Christmas tree is just missing the right touch. This is a nostalgic scrapbook idea as you can journal how that piece of decoration came to mean so much to you.

5) Favorite Holiday Feast
Oh, don’t you just love to eat? I’m sure your house will have some special treats or at least one dish to make your Christmas feast complete.

Include the recipes to this holiday season scrapbooking idea. Better still, get the creator or the family member who contributed the recipe to write out the recipe in her own handwriting. It adds an authentic feel to the layout.

6) Wonderful Tastes of Christmas
Do you, your mother, your grandmother whoever bake or make heavenly sweet-smelling almond cookies or chocolate? Do these loving creations make your heart sing a song as you pop another irresistible piece into your mouth?

Then you have another great scrapbook idea! Get photos of your mom baking a storm in the kitchen and of course, includes the recipe in her own handwriting. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll finally master the art of making these cookies or chocolates just like your great-grandaunt used to do.

7) Christmas Presents Received
Besides taking photos of the gifts you’ve received, please don’t just open up the Christmas presents and dump away those little gift cards and lovely strips of curly ribbons.

Save these items and use them as embellishments for your layouts. These items will definitely bring across the feeling of the happy memories of the season.

8) Animated Faces of Christmas
Take close-up photos showing off the energetic and high-spirited expressions of family members caught during the Christmas season.

These photos are bound to be some of the most remembered pictures, because they simply paint the happy, jolly mood of the season captured on photos.

9) Laughter of Christmas
Of course, Christmas is the season of fun get-togethers and the occasions for much joyful laughter among family and friends. Capture these happy moments and put them down on your scrapbook pages.

You can create a mini-album for the season or it can go into your Special Occasion album. It’s really up to you how you’ll like to organize your scrapbooks.

10) Christmas as a Girl
If you could go back to your childhood for just one day, would you want to relive your Christmas as a girl? What do you remember most about Christmas as a girl?

This is a fantastic Christmas idea as your kids and grandchildren would love to know how mom or grandma spent her Christmas day as a child. Are there unforgettable scents, sights, smells, or voices washing over you as you close your eyes in recollection? Journal about these in your scrapbook.

Have fun using these Christmas scrapping ideas!

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