Digital Scrapbook Layouts

Here’s where you can view some samples of my digital scrapbook layouts. Purpose? To let you know that if I can digi-scrap, you can do a much better job than me! :-)

I started out with traditional scrapbooking in 2005. I only dipped my toes into the pool of digital scrapbooking in July 2007. Once I started, I’m so glad that there’s no clean up to do, and if I want to I can keep on editing my pages to make them look better.

This is what I’ve noticed after I tried digi scrapping for a while. Traditional scrapbooking let me play with paper, glue and scissors and I get to use my hands to create things away from the computer. I’m already spending too much time on the computer, so it’s good to get away every now and then.

With digi scrapping, it keeps me glued to my computer screen and mouse, and if I’m to keep changing things around, even more time will be spent at the computer.

But it can be such fun playing around with digital elements, and there’s many yummy freebies around that you can download. We don’t get such freebies from traditional scrapbooking. I would say give digital scrapping a go and see how you like it.

Whether you’re a hybrid (combining both traditional and digital scrapping) or digital scrapbooker, I can suggest three simple ways for you to get ideas for your pages:

  • Online galleries
    There’s many wondrous online galleries out there brimming with beautiful and inspiring layouts for your viewing pleasure. You can always look at others’ layouts and apply some of the ideas you’ve seen on your pages. It would probably look quite different due to your photos and elements used.
  • Digital templates
    I think digital templates can provide a great source of ideas too. Instead of figuring out what to put on a blank canvas, you have all the elements arranged out for you, it’s a matter of you dropping your desired digital photos, papers and elements into the template. Templates can give you confidence and save you time.
  • Books/Magazines
    You can always get a free flow of inspiration from scrapbooking publications. Somehow when I’m holding a book or magazine in my hands, I stare harder at the layouts and even try to figure out how to recreate that layout.

Here you go, some of the digital scrapbook pages I’ve created between 2007 and 2008…


My 12 Sample Digital Pages

Credits for Baby Cleo & I
Papers & Embellishments: Retrorewind by Amy Fenner
Fonts: Bookman Old Style for title and date; Estrangelo Edessa for text.



Credit for Cleo
Papers & Elements: Mother’s Love by Raspberry Road Designs
Fonts: Dotum for text; Arial Black for title; downloaded font for date



Credits for Cute Giggle
Paper: Cracked by Diane Miller
(Refresh Biggie Collection downloaded from
Scalloped border: Punched Border Pink by Ann Hetzel Gunkel (Refresh Biggie Collection)
Stickers: Sticker 1 and Sticker 2 by Keri Schueller (Refresh Biggie Collection)
Fonts: Times New Roman from Microsoft Word, All Caps and Cheri
downloaded from PaperCraft Essential’s 110 Free Fonts CD



Credits for I Like Nonsense
Paper: Earth Day Paper 2 by Raspberry Road Designs
Fonts for names, venue & date: Avenir 85 Heavy
WordArt: Elegant WordArt
Doodled flower: June Schutrups – Cen’s Stuff



Credits for Princess Claire
Papers, Elements & Quote: Brittney at britt-ish designs
Fonts: Alako-Bold for title; Franklin Gothic M for text and date
Sketch: Scrapbook Sketch 2



Credits for Some of My Favourite Foods
Paper: Yellow Floral Paper from Moments by Summer Driggs
Fonts: Arial for text; Times New Roman for bold text
Label: Labelmaker by Atomic Cupcake



Paper: All papers from Katie by Manda J Designs
Flower: GlitterFlower from Katie by Manda J Designs
Fonts: Arial for title, date and text



Credits for Coordinated Girls
Papers & Elements: Wild Weekend by Miss Mint and
Fonts: Lucida Console for text and title; 4YeoStamp for date



Love My Baby Sister
Papers & Elements: French Chololate by Tinks Trinkets,
Fonts: Franklin Medium Gothic for text and title: 4Yeostamps for date



Credits for Great Face Stuff
Papers: Momrtourage by Emily Powers
Elements: Wool Blossom by Tia Bennett
Fonts: Lucida San Unicode for text and date; Lucida San Unicode and 4YeoStamp for title



Credits for See How Joy Has Grown
Paper: Roots Paper Solids by Ronee Parsons Designs
Bee & Stitches: Bee5 and Stitches1 from Kit Wings by Val
Fonts: Arial for text; Times New Roman for date; fonts downloaded from Internet from title.



Credits for My First Brand New Computer
Papers: Retrorewind by Amy Fenner
Ribbon: Rainy Day Sun by Amy Bleser
Fonts: Times New Roman for title and text



If you’re new to digi scrapping and want to find out more about it, visit my digital scrapbooking page.

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