My Digital Scrapbook Photobook is Here!

Hard coverpage of my digital scrapbook photobook.
I had another lovely surprise last Wednesday afternoon. My doorbell rang and this time it’s the DHL man delivering my photo book! Like my Amazon purchase, my photo book order came earlier than expected. That’s a good thing.

I was so excited that I opened up my package right away. When I gently slipped my Digital Scrapbook photobook out of its tissue paper, I was very glad to see that the hardcover image-wrapped cover looks exactly as it appeared onscreen!

Though my digital layouts were created in both 12′”x12″ and 8/5″x11″ sizes, to simplify matters, I’ve chosen to print them out all in 8″x8″ size. It turned out to be a handy size. It’s not big and heavy like the 12″x12″ size and not too small like 6″x6 size”.

When I first began my uploading process to the photobook online editor, there’s an alert message that I should keep all my critical content within the red boxes as any excess out of the red box might be trimmed off during the trimming process. So my main concern was that maybe some lines of text or titles of several of my digital layouts might be trimmed off as they were lined too closely to the edges when I created them.

However, to prevent any white space around the corners of each page, I’m supposed to fit the image to the maximum of each page. This posed a dilemma for me. Anyway, I left a comment in the memo that I wanted the pages to be printed exactly as I’ve seen on screen.

As I quickly browsed through all 54 pages of my photo book, I’m mighty pleased with the results! Okay, my main concern wasn’t totally eradicated. There’s one digital layout where the first letter of my journaling text got folded into the centerfold, and another five layouts where their text were lined up right to the edges. Well at least these text didn’t get partially trimmed off. I can live with that.

Most of my digital layouts were created mostly back in 2007 and 2008 where I was into digi scrapping back then. Here’s some of the pages…

Two digital scrapbook layouts featuring my niece Claire and me.Two digital scrapbook layouts, one of my favorite foods and another of my sister, my niece and me.Two digital scrapbook layouts, one of my niece Joy and the other of my friend Susan and me.

The photobook on the overall is made of very good quality. The image-wrapped cover pages are made of hardcover and the surface is matte and smooth. The inner pages are of a good thickness and they are made of 170gsm silk paper. I like the thickness enough and the colors on the pages turned out rich and vibrant.

The most challenging part of the whole process I feel, is the compilation and sorting of my digital layouts into a chronological order, so that the pages of the photobook will have a logical flow. That’s why I’m glad that I’ve dates recorded on majority of my layouts which made it easier for me to sort them out.

The rest was an easy job:

  • Uploading the digital layout files into the photobook online editor.
  • Sizing of each digital layout to fit the page.
  • Adding a background to my 8/5″x11″ layouts to fit the 8″x8″ blank page.
  • Designing my image-wrapped cover page. I had fun designing it and I love how it turned out!

I’ve shown it to my husband and my sister and they said it’s very nice! When my niece Claire was here last Friday, she took the photobook and browsed through it. She was making remarks about herself at different layouts. I think when I’m to show it to her years later, she would still be poring over the pages and reminiscing. :)

So yeah, I’m happy that I finally had my digital layouts compiled and printed out into a photo book! I’ve been using photo books to do my memory keeping for the past 3 years, and now it helps me to hold most of my digital scrapbook layouts in a sleek and polished-looking book.

I’ve completed my 8″x8″ photobook order. I still have a softcover 6″x6″ mini photobook to complete and it’s expiring on 17th February! I’ll go do up this mini photo book before I start on my Project Life scrapbook.

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