End of Pre-Nursery and Start of School Holidays

Book cover of The Preschooler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner.My 3-year-old son just completed his Pre-Nursery class on 14 November. It’s amazing to witness how much he has grown over the past 11  months.

When he started his first day at school in January this year, he cried on the first day. His crying time greatly reduced on the 2nd day, and he cried a little on the 3rd day. By the 4th day, he was fine.

I recalled when he first started school, he had not mastered climbing up and down the stairs. He spoke, but with very limited words.

Over the months, from a tendency to laze underneath the fake tree inside in classroom to actively participating in the sing along sessions, from speaking with limited words to asking many why questions that occasionally stump me, from walking unsteadily up and down the stairs to wanting to run down the stairs… he has done much growing up in terms of speech and language, motor skills, and more importantly, in socializing with others.

It’s gratifying to see him enjoyed his two-hours classes, made friends, did art projects, learned songs, and went for school outings. He’s been brought to an indoor play gym, the national library, the airport, the Health Promotion Board, and a dental clinic to expose the little children to the dental procedure to help reduce their fears of visiting the dentist in future.

His school has a niche program in cookery so there were some Fridays where the kids were exposed to making Chinese dumplings, pizza toast, Puto (steamed rice cakes from Philippines), and others.

During the first half of his school year, I would wait for two hours at a block next to his school as I thought it would be a hassle to take the bus home and later take the bus back to pick him up from school. As the weather got increasingly hot over the months, I decided to change the routine after his June school holidays. I would go home, do something be it to prepare lunch or to do some work online, then go back to school to pick him up. Even if it meant I would have only about an hour at home before I had to leave again.

It turned out to be much better. Home is definitely much cozier than loitering outside.

Next January when he starts his Nursery class, it’ll be for 3 hours, so I’ll have at least 2 hours at home before I have to go fetch him. The class will keep him occupied and I’ll have another hour more to do something! :)

It’s a good thing for him to go school, even if it’s to play, socialize and do crafty projects which he won’t have much chance doing at home. And I don’t have to deal with him 24/7.

Now that it’s the year end school holidays, there’s about six weeks’ time when he’s home with me all the time. It’s only the 4th day, and I can see that it’s getting a little boring for him. So it’s time I go flip through The Preschooler’s Busy Book which I bought more than a year ago but have yet to use it… Let’s see how useful this book shall be.

Do you have this busy book? Did your kid and you enjoy doing the activities listed within?


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