First Dip in Swimming Pool

My little boy's first dip in swimming pool.
Yesterday morning, my husband and I brought our little boy to his very first dip in a swimming pool. It was in the morning and there were few swimmers at the clubhouse swimming pools.

The reason it took us so long to let him have his first dip in a swimming pool is because he suffered from infant eczema for about 2 years, and I’ve always worried that exposing him to the pool water for a period of time might aggravate his sensitive skin.

His eczema seems to be gone as I’ve not applied the mild steroid cream on his skin for eczema for over a year now. I think it’s gone. I hope. Anyway, I’ve continued to apply the body moisturizer for him consistently for twice a day until about 6 months ago, i cut down his daily application to once a day. Then near mid-October, I cut down his body moisturizer application to twice a week. And so far, his skin is doing alright. Let’s hope this continues.

Yesterday we decided to let him have some fun at the swimming pool and see how his skin would react. My initial thought was to let him play for 10 minutes. My husband had 30 minutes in mind. Our boy was like being released and refused to leave the play pool! Eventually, we had to make him leave after 45 minutes at 11.15am. And his skin, no breakout of eczema patches! :)

He was all smiles and giggles, and he’s fearless. He ran through the water play features, letting gushes of water sprayed on him. He tried to jump into the shallow pool but my husband stopped him and showed him to sit by the pool edge and kick water. Inside the shallow pool, he dipped his head into the water and swallowed pool water, twice. My husband told me our boy said he was trying to swim.

All these while, I was sitting at one of the tables besides the pool, capturing our boy’s every move with my eyes. I was all smiles too till he refused to leave and we had to firmly ask him to go.

I only had my phone camera with me and tried to take a few shot of these precious memories. I think the few pics would make for a delightful scrapbook layout someday. Maybe with a title like “First Dipping Fun at Pool!”

My husband seems to have more such pool trips in mind. Let’s see.

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