Foam Art for Kids to Keep 3-Year-Old Boy Enthralled

Foam art for kids - 3D foam art puzzle. I bought about 15 pieces of these colorful and fun-looking foam art and crafts kits for kids at the beginning of 2014. My intention was to have them on standby as birthday gifts in case any of my 3-year-old’s classmates was to have a birthday party in the class.

I managed to give some of these away as gifts to two of his classmates.

Now that it’s the year end school holidays, I still had 5 foam art kits left. My little one saw them and asked to play with the remaining kits. One for each day, consecutively for five days till he had me completed all of them.

As he was a little young to piece together the 3D foam art puzzle, I was actually the one doing it. He would help out with passing me the different colored foam art sticker sheets as I called for the color I wanted. He also helped to check out if I had used up all foam stickers. He did attempt to paste on a few of the foam stickers, but they were quite misaligned so I tried to reposition them.

I had to admit, this 3D foam art puzzle is quite fun and easy. There’s hardly any mess to clear up after each session. Upon completion, we would have a nice-looking foam art piece to hang up somewhere if we choose to.

That’s what we did. After completing the 5 foam art kits, we chose one to hang up on the wall. It’s coincidental that I had an unused picture frame lying in my storage box that’s the right size for these foam art pieces!

Easy Steps to Completing 3D Foam Art

The background sheet of the rooster foam art 3D puzzle.

The different colored of foam art sticker sheets for the rooster 3D foam art puzzle.

  1. Lay down the sheet of background scene on a table.
  2. Keep the little picture close as you’ll need to refer it often to figure out how to layer the various foam art stickers.
  3. Spread out the different colored foam art sticker sheets for your own convenience.
  4. Study the picture and adhere the base foam stickers first. Then adhere foam stickers to the upper layer/s.

Tip: Try to position the foam art sticker to fit the outline on the background scene sheet before adhering. The adhesive of the foam art sticker is rather strong. So if you have to, try to lift up the adhered foam art sticker gently and reposition it.

But there were times that the foam art sticker piece just didn’t seem to fit the outline perfectly as you can see from my completed puzzle. ;)

Completed rooster 3D foam art puzzle.

If you’re looking for a fun and rather mess-free arts and craft for your little or young ones, you might want to give 3D foam art puzzles a go. The 3 and 4 years old might need their parents to help them out. Fun for both parent and child then!

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