Free Ideas for Scrapbooking

Your Adult Years

Put special occasions aside. Leave your babies and kids for awhile. Here’s 15 free ideas for scrapbooking where you can scrapbook everything about you as a grown-up and acknowledge your adult years.

Yes, many scrapbookers, especially mommy scrapbookers tend to neglect themselves. Are you one of them? It’s time to reserve some of your scrapbook pages to yourself, as an adult.

Set aside time to do a few self-inspired layouts. It’s not self-indulgent, but rather an important step in preserving memories of yourself for your family and future generations to enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be about big moments. It could be those mundane, everyday things that you didn’t even think could go into your scrapbook.

These layouts will reveal a part of you to others. It talks about the bits and pieces of you. These scrapbook pages, will allow future generations to know what you were like in your younger days.

When others go through your self-inspired layouts, will they go away thinking, “Hmm… I never knew that she’s like that! What a revelation!” Wouldn’t that be a thrill for you? Surprising others?

If you’re hoping that you can leave your mark on your scrapbook that stands as a testament of what you’ve been, then make way for time to scrapbook about issues that open up your inner world to others. Scrapbook and be heard.

15 Ideas To Try Out

1) Little Known Facts

Showcase your one-of-a-kind life, spirit and personality by spilling out your little secrets.

OK, not really secrets, but tidbits of information that others don’t know about.

Let others peek into a side of you that they’ve never seen before. That is, until you decided to expose yourself though this scrapbook layout. Let this page spotlights on the quirky, lesser known part of you.

Remind yourself that you’re an interesting person with different facets. You’re multi-dimensional and not just one-dimensional.

2) Then and Now

Document how your life has evolved over the years.

Isn’t it always an interesting idea to see how much or how little your looks have changed?

Such a scrapbook layout is a brilliant way to show your past and your present all on a single page.

3) Little Instructions on How to Handle You

Tell your loved ones in a nice way on exactly how you love to be treated and handled. With love and care.

Anyone looking at such a layout will get an instant impression of what things and acts will make you feel adored and respected.

You can do one for your husband and let him know instructions such as “Don’t leave the house without a kiss and I love you”, “Bring me a massage instead of flowers”, or “Surprise me now and then with your famous spaghetti bolognese”.

Granted, these aren’t subtle instructions. But your loved ones might appreciate you cluing them in on your likes and dislikes rather than making a mess out of guesswork.

4) Events Surrounding Your Year of Birth

Ever wondered what happened during the year when you’re officially added to the human race?

You can put up your cherished baby photo or even go photoless on this layout and focus all on your journaling.

Do a search on the major events that happened during your birth year. Who knows, you might even discover several facts that’ll take you by surprise.

5) Your List of Favorite and Least Favorite Things

What’s your favorite things? What about your least favorite stuff?

Highlight your preferences on a scrapbook page. Such a page has impact and will instantly display what things move you to tears and what things annoy you like mad. A powerful page.

Let your choices speak about you as a unique being.

6) Greatest Accomplishments

Take pride in what you’ve done and accomplished so far. Scrapbook a page where you list down all things that make you proud. Put into words what you were and are capable of achieving.

On days when you don’t feel so smart, pull out this page and remind yourself that you are a person capable of excellence and you do possess the potential to achieve even more in the future.

If you prefer more privacy or you’re rather shy about paying tribute to your own achievements, write a letter to yourself and then tuck it into an envelope on the scrapbook page, safely hidden from privy eyes.

7) Best Advice Ever Received

At some point in our lives, someone came along and said something that changed our lives. Do you have such an experience? What’s yours about?

Why not journal about that special experience? It changed your life in same ways, so it deserves mentioning about. It might be one of your most unforgettable moment or lesson in your life.

Who gave you that advice? What it meant to you at that point in time? How did you use the advice? In what ways have your life changed based on acting on that piece of advice?

For me, one of the best advice I’ve received so far was from my penpal. He told me that I’m a drummer beating to a different beat from others. This piece of advice made me feel relieved and realized that it’s alright to be different from others. So in my journey of discovering my own path, whenever I feel out of place, I would just remind myself that I’m a drummer beating to my own rhythm.

8) Defining Moments and Decisions

Is there a turning point in your life? When you decided to quit your well-paid full-time job and devote yourself wholeheartedly to taking care of your little kids? How did this significant decision change you and your life around? What did you learn from making that decision? On hindsight, would you’ve made the same decision if you had it to do again?

9) Moments that Griped Your Heart

Your first pregnancy? When your dad came all the way on his own to visit you and your family? When your son helped a younger boy who fell down?

All these moments made your heart skipped a beat, brought tears to your eyes, and squeezed your heart.

Don’t let these soul-reaching memories get away. Scrapbook about them. Record them down even if they didn’t come with photos.

You can always add in a photo of that person from another event or time. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get these precious memories down in your scrapbook.

10) A Day of Your Life

In the whirlwind of adulthood, slow down a little, or at least enough to scrapbook a page on all the activities that consumed a day of your life.

Such a page freezes one day of your life and let others know what took up your time, and the activities shown would reveal your priorities in life.

If you like, you can do such a layout once a year. Because your schedule, priorities and activities will change over time and such layouts will help you to spot the changes quickly.

11) To-Do List

Take some time to think about all the things you’d love to do in your life before your candle burnt out on this earth.

Learn to speak Spanish? Try out digital scrapbooking and see if you can love it as much as paper scrapbooking? Go for Lasik eye surgery to perfect your vision? Shed and lose 20 pounds? Teach your children about love, laughter and life?

Scrapbook on all these things and your to-do list will serve as an alarm clock, reminding you of what’s important to you before you lose sight of all your dreams and aspirations.

Let others know that you dream of big things and you have high aspirations too.

12) Blessings in Your Life

Scrapbook about the things in your life you’re really thankful for.

Add in photos of people who make your life good and beautiful. Describe the moments you learned something that you’re grateful for.

It doesn’t have to be big things. It could simply be little details like your girl handpicking a bouquet of spring flowers for your vase. Your babysitter coming over to relieve you so you and your husband can hit the town for the night. A relaxing hot, bubble bath that soothes you. The warm sunshine and cheery, blooming flowers.

Let others know what you feel appreciative of. Express your thanks for these blessings and you might just receive more wonderful blessings!

On your less stellar days, this layout might perk you up and remind you of the blessings you’ve enjoyed and are still enjoying.

13) Who Needs You?

We are all needed by someone. Scrapbook about the people in your life who need you.

Your husband? Kids? Parents? Siblings? Pet doggy?

Put in photos of all the people who find you irreplaceable. Add in small descriptions and these can be light-hearted descriptions. It doesn’t have to be all serious. But make a point on why you think each of these people can’t live without you.

This layout will highlight on the key roles you’re playing in others’ lives. It also reaffirms the value of your presence and existence.

14) Your Favorite Pile of Quotes

OK, I love quotes. Do you?

Quotes can inspire and uplift. Some of these quotes said things I wished I’ve said them myself. Some quotes bring comfort, some bring hope and some even light up a fire within me.

What quotes inspire you? What are your favorite quotes? How about doing a layout featuring your 10 most can’t-live-without quotes?

You can also create a mini-album where you can always add in a newly-discovered quote.

Such a layout will uncover your hidden motivations and speak of what’s important to you. And these quotes can become a source of inspiration to those who come in touch with them.

And on those days when you’re down on spirits, this layout will give you the needed encouraging words and thoughts.

15) This Is Me

Tell the world what you are, what you came here to be and what you strive to be.

Use character traits and descriptive terms to laser-focus on your key qualities. Words that define you.

Loving? Scrapbooker? Forgiving? Eccentric? Doting Mom? Super smart? Hilarious?

There’s only one you. So take pride in what you are, who you are and let this page remind you of how special you are whenever you forget about being a first-rate version of yourself.


I hope all these adult scrapbooking ideas will give you some good ideas about scrapbooking yourself as a grownup.

For more ideas about scrapping yourself, you must check out 50 Simple Scrapbooking Ideas.

Happy scrapping!

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