6 Free Scrapbook Ideas

About Family

Here’s a splendid series of free scrapbook ideas that let you expand your family scrapbooking pages quickly and creatively.

Family scrapbook page layout ideas are among the popular ideas that people are looking for.

Besides those big, celebratory moments, you can look into scrapbooking about the bits and pieces of your family life.

There’s really countless themes and ideas to scrapbook about family.

Make an effort to scrapbook those family memories and issues that escaped the glorious celebrations. These normal moments make up most of your days spent with your family members. These ordinary moments also reflect the true essence of your family life.

Take a look at these fresh family ideas for scrapbooking below.

1. Your Special People

Think of the most important people in your life. Your husband? Kids? Mother? Father? Grandma? Grandpa?

Think of them. What outstanding characteristic traits come to mind?

Do a layout for each of your special people based on those qualities you believe they carry.

You can include a photograph of that special person, add in a dictionary definition of those characteristic traits, and include meaningful quotes that describe that descriptive word.

Love your daughter’s sunshine smile? Scrapbook on that and write down how you always wish that she’ll carry a smile on her face and a song in her heart even when she’s all grown up and even when life gets challenging.

2. Annual Family Summary

Did another year just whoosh by again? Had a lot of things happened to your family during those 12 months? You bet.

Dig out those photos that most speak about the major events of the year for your family. Include little descriptions to each little photo you’ve chosen to make a representation of the major occasions, and not forgetting daily routines of the year.

Your husband’s promotion? Your kids’ birthdays? Your newly remodeled kitchen? Your newly adopted cat? All these could form part of your Annual Family Summary layout.

With such a layout, you and your family will know at a glance all the special things that happened during that year.

3. Funniest Home Moments

OK, life is made up of serious and also far from serious moments.

Recall some of the funniest moments that happened within the circle of your family. I like remembering funny and silly moments and dwell upon them, rather than those boring, serious incidents.

Scrapbook 10 of these funny, hilarious moments on a layout. This layout is bound to be one of your most well-received pages.

This layout will also share with others what tickles your funny bone. Hopefully, it’ll make the “stars” laugh about themselves too. Though usually not immediately after the incident but sometime later.

If you have photos of these funny incidents, fantastic. If not, grab some photos of the people involved from another time frame.

4. Random Experiences

On certain days, just whip out your camera and capture those real, spontaneous moments at random.

You’ll be surprised at how some of these random shots will churn out gorgeous, candid shots just nice for scrapbooking.

Scrapbook about these random family moments and give them a theme. Such as “Relax and Let Go at the Pool”, “Poses for Mummy’s Camera”, Blooming Tulips in My Back Garden”, “Picnic by the Peaceful Lake”, “Face Painting at the Festival Fete”, “Boys Chasing in the Rain” and so on.

5. Daily Time-Table

Does your family run like a well-oiled machinery? Is there a drawn-out time table the whole family adhere to?

If not, I’m sure there’s some daily routines that your family stick by.

Take snapshots of a day of your family’s busy lives. Then plan a layout detailing the activities that packed up your family’s life.

6.30am – Dragging the kids out of bed

6.38am – Preparing 4 sets of breakfast

7.00am – Get your youngest one to hurry up

You get the idea. If you like, you can even do a more specific time-table layout for each of your family members. If not, a general one for the whole family works great too.

Such a layout will be of great interest to your family later on when the family’s daily routine changes. It also cues in friends and relatives who are curious about your family life.

6. Memories of Your Home

Take a look at your house through fresh eyes. Take photos of your furnishings, corners, hangout places, collections and whatever pieces that remind you of your family’s home.

Someday your children will grow up and move out. Someday you might sell off this lovely home and move to someplace new.

Meanwhile, why not capture memories of the place that holds so much of your family memories together? Create a layout on your house, so you’ll always have a piece of memory of the place that your family called home.

Little narrations from each family member about their favorite parts of the house will make the layout more intimate.

Remember to point out places that your family spend most time gathering, talking and hanging out.



All these little page ideas can help you create outstanding pages about your family. By now, you’ve also seen how ordinary daily events of your family life could be transformed into great family layouts for your family scrapbooks. So start scrapping away! :)

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