Free Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Here’s where you can find some basic free scrapbook layout ideas to construct a page more effectively.

It’ll highlight 4 time-tested design principles, introduce you to the basics of cardstock and patterned papers, show you how to choose colors for your pages, introduce ways to add page titles, and suggest ways to embellish your pages.

I’ve picked up many of these how-to tips to beginner scrapbooking by watching Stephanie Ovak in her videos.

Enjoy and have fun with these scrapbooking page ideas you can apply immediately!


Idea No. 1: Four Basic Design Principles

These basic principles will stand the test of time whether you are to scrapbook today or 5 years down the road. Once mastered, you are on your way to creating nice-looking pages.

  1. Make your photos the main focal point of the page. Once you’ve decided on your focal point, you can find other supplementary point of interest.
  2. Make a visual triangle with your photos. You can apply this to embellishments too. Somehow a visual triangle creates a nicer flow and a balance to your page.
  3. Embellishments in odd numbers tend to be more eye-pleasing. Examples: 3 buttons, 5 flowers, 3 big brads and such.
  4. When you have someone looking to one side in a photo, avoid placing the photo towards the edge as it looks as if he’s looking off the page. For example, if you have a boy looking out to the right in the photo, avoid placing it near the right edge of your scrapbook page.


Idea No. 2: Cardstock Basics

These cardstock basics will put you in good standing.

There’s various types of cardstock and it’s considered a “core” supply that scrapbookers use over and over again in their projects.

There’s basically two types of cardstocks:

  1. The single solid-based cardstocks that resemble construction papers but they aren’t. Cardstocks are thicker and they are acid-free and lignin-free, constructed for scrapbooking purposes.
  2. Textured cardstocks have textures on them that you can see and feel when you run your fingers over them. Textures can add to the design of your pages.

Cardstocks either have a “white core” or the same colored core. Cardstock with a “white core” will reveal a white torn line when you tear it apart. For a same colored core cardstock, a torn line will remain the same color as the cardstock.

If you like clean and simple scrapbooking, cardstocks are all you need to create very nice-looking pages. You can even create “embellishments” with merely cardstock. So you don’t really need patterned papers or store-bought embellishments. But being scrapbookers, there’s just so many temptations out there! ;)


Idea No. 3: Patterned Paper Basics

The world of patterned papers can be a kaleidoscope of patterns, colors and confusion. If you’ve been wanting to try adding patterned papers to your pages, but are afraid that you’ll mess up, keep the below tip in mind.

The big tip is to choose patterned papers from the same manufacturers.

They’ll usually carry various lines of patterned papers and under each line, there’ll be papers that complement each other. This helps to take off the guesswork, and let you work with papers that not only complement each other but also make your pages much more outstanding!

For more tips on patterned papers, don’t miss these videos presented by Tammy Mitchell:


Idea No. 4: Choosing Colors

It can be a challenge to choose colors for scrapbook pages, especially when you’re just starting out.

These tips will help you to select colors that work:

  • Pulling colors off from photos to use in your pages can be a great strategy.
  • Your choice of paper colors will affect the look of your photos. For example, a pastel color might create a softer look to your photo while a bright color will bring up more energy to your photo.
  • Converting photos to black and white will work wonderfully if there’s a clashing of colors in your photos.
  • Choosing monochromatic colors (hues of a single color) can also deliver a page nicely.


Idea No. 5: Adding Page Titles

Adding titles to scrapbook pages somehow help to “complete” the layouts.

You might be looking for ways on how to add titles to your pages. There’s a few simple ways to dress up your scrapbooking titles to give them more punch:

  • Write your title out with stencil and cut the letters out.
  • Use markers and gel pens to write out your title.
  • Use letter stickers to piece out your title.
  • Add little embellishments to your title.
  • Apply letter rub-ons to create your title.


Idea No. 6: Choosing Embellishments

Confused on how to choose embellishments to jazz up the look of your scrapbook pages?

Embellishments help to spice up your pages. They add visual interest and enhance the attractiveness of a page.

You can basically choose embellishments by:

  • Theme – if your page carry a theme such as Halloween or football, why not source for related Halloween or football themed embellishments?
  • Color – You don’t always have to go for theme embellishments. Some embellishments don’t even have to relate to the theme of the pages. Embellishments such as flowers, ribbons and buttons can be applied to most pages. So yes, you can choose embellishments based on colors.


Idea No. 7: Adding Ribbons

Wonder how to add ribbons to scrapbooks? Ribbons are probably one of the most popular scrapbook embellishments out there.

They are versatile. They are so pretty and come in so many beautiful varieties. They add such nice visual interest to your scrapbooks. It’s hard to resist the charm of ribbons.

Here’s a few quick ideas on adding ribbons to your pages:

  1. Tie a bow and add it to your page.
  2. Add it as a border to your page.
  3. Turn ribbons into little “page tabs”.
  4. Staple ribbon, thread it through a buckle, add a brad to it, there’s many ways to attach a ribbon.
  5. Stamp on twill ribbon to make your own special ribbon.


I hope you enjoyed these basic scrapbook tips which can be apply to your scrapbook layouts and pages easily.

If you’re looking for scrapbook supplies but don’t know where to start, click here.

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