Free Scrapbooking Borders

Decorating your scrapbook pages with free scrapbooking borders can make your layouts more outstanding.

Perhaps you prefer working on borderless pages that seem to extend out endlessly, and giving you a feeling of wide, open space.

Or you might be seeking for a nice “frame” to work within an outline, as it gives you a more complete feeling. If this is the case, scrapbook borders would work nicely for you. Borders can be applied to your photos too.

Let’s look at a few ideas on how you can create your own free borders!


DIY Scrapbook Borders

Are you aware that you can actually create your own DIY borders?

Yes, there’s ways to doing it…


Good Old Markers – Remember your markers? Just be sure that this time round you’re holding preferably those acid-free, waterproof and fade-resistant markers for prolonged longevity and archival reasons.

With just a marker in hand, you can draw out simple or lavish borders. Using either plain black-colored or fanciful-colored markers, hand-drawn your own borders that bring excitement to your heart. How simple and hassle-free! What’s more, you’re free to experiment with many ideas you can gather from books, magazines or designs you happened to see on someone else’s skirt border!


Decorative hole punches – A wonderful alternative to creating your own borders. Just dig out your smaller-sized punches and punch out a whole line of loving hearts, little flowers, small leaves, cutesy bears, etc to form a pleasing-looking border on strips of paper, which you then adhere to form borders for your page or photo.


Fabrics – Act as great borders too! Because of its texture and patterns, fabrics will lend a highly creative dimension as scrapbooking borders. Just ensure that the fabric is safe for your pages.


Journaling – What about journaling your own borders? Yes, you can do this. In your own handwriting or downloading some pretty-looking fonts, you can create a border using interesting quotes or words that highlight the theme of the page.


Patterned Paper – Not forgetting that long strips or cut squares of patterned paper can also serve as effective page borders.


Rubber-stamping – Rubber-stamp your favorite designs along the edge of the page, and this is another fantastic way to creating beautiful-looking borders.


Leftovers – Leftover fibers, ribbons, stickers or scrap paper? Don’t dump them away!

Yes, you got it right! Use them to line up your own free borders. Each of these page accents could well transform into ready page borders for you. Just line them up and viola, you have your own DIY borders!

Have fun experimenting with these DIY ideas on creating borders!

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