9 Free Scrapbooking Ideas

For beginners, here’s some free scrapbooking ideas to help you scrapbook better and keep you scrapping-inspired.

There’s countless free ideas floating around everywhere, you’ll not find yourself lacking of ideas. It’s just a matter of being more alert to your surroundings and absorbing ideas. And I’ve listed a few ways to make sure you capture your favorite ideas.

Then I’ve also noted some ways where you can get a constant stream of free ideas for your scrapbook pages.

With thousands of different ways that you can scrapbook, and even more thousands of scrapbooking tools and products out there to tantalize you, it can be a dizzying experience at times! So cool off for a few seconds and take a few quick minutes to read through the below brief and informative article. It’ll offer you 9 practical scrapbooking ideas you can apply in your scrapbooking journey.


9 Ideas to Scrapbook Better

1) Scrapbook more one-page layouts. Try focusing on a few photos or even one photo, and tell a good story. Double-page layouts take more time to scrapbook, so reserve them for major events or stories you want to tell. For single-page sketches, be sure to check out 500 Scrapbooking Sketches by Jennifer Gormly.

2) Jot down your ideas. You know how when you are in the shower and great scrapbooking ideas pop into your head? Instead of letting these ideas evaporate, quickly jot them down onto your little notebook when you step out of the shower! A pen and a little notebook work wonders in storing all those passing by ideas. Capture them before you lose those wonderful ideas.

3) Collecting amazing words. Scrapbookers are in constant need of more quotes, sayings, phrases, captions, and any meaningful words you can apply to your page titles or journaling. So while listening to the radio, interviews, TV shows, movies, or chat with friends and co-workers, make an effort to catch those amazing words and put them into your powerful little notebook and amass a trusty collection.

4) You can doodle. You know how your doodling and handwriting will add a unique and personal touch to your scrapbooking pages? You are now empowered to doodle away mindlessly on scrap papers when you are bored or talking on the phone. Take the time to practice your handwriting too and soon you’ll discover your very own doodling or handwriting style.

5) Make a shopping list. Add your about to run out scrapbooking supplies to the list. Go back to this list whenever you need to add in more items. So when you are ready to order or go shopping, you have a ready list to shop for. This might help to limit your spending to the listed items only.

6) Maximize TV time. While watching TV shows, don’t just watch, keep your hands working away. During commercial breaks, trim a few photo mats, finish off your journaling, match patterned papers to cardstocks, or gather your embellishments for a layout.

7) Online galleries. Fishing for some inspiration when you’re on the computer? Take some minutes to check out your favorite online scrapbooking galleries for inspiration. Take notes of those layout ideas you like as reference for future scrapping layouts.

8) Magazine browsing. While flipping through your favorite magazines, keep a look out for design layouts and concepts and see how you can translate and apply them to scrapbooking. For example, saw a beautiful color scheme used in an advert? Try applying this color scheme to your next scrapbook layout.

9) Keep the fun and joy in scrapbooking. If you’re hard-pressed for time, try out this tip from Elsie Flannigan. She suggested taking one photograph a week and scrapbooking it. That photo will represent a snapshot of who you are at that moment, reveal your values and tell others about your life. In this way you only scrapbook those photos that speak to you, and you can be sure that you’re working only on the most meaningful photos. So yes, it’s important to scrapbook about your adult years!

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