Frugal Scrapbooking

15 frugal scrapbooking tips to help you stretch your hard-earned dollars and save money.

Remember those times when you stepped into the scrapbook store and you wished you had a couple of hundreds to splurge on all those irresistible supplies?

The truth is, you jolly well know that if you were to buy every single item that made you melt in anticipation, you would be broke in record time. Yes, buying scrapbooking supplies can be expensive.

Yet, you don’t have to give up scrapbooking just because you’re on a budget. There are ways to help you stretch your supplies and push your hard-earned dollar to work even harder.

That’s when frugal scrapbooking comes in.

For me when I started scrapbooking, I was on a budget. Moreover, I’m not one to spend tons of money on a hobby. Perhaps I will if I have a big budget which I don’t. I prefer to limit my purchases to essentials.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going ga-ga over all those pretty, yummy, trendiest supplies. I do but I would just appreciate them, and I would remind myself that I don’t need fanciful and expensive supplies to tell my stories. I’m just happy browsing and not load up my basket with expensive supplies that would blow my budget away!

So let’s check out the following tips and see if you can apply them to your scrapbooking!


Tips on Scrapbooking on a Budget

  • Organized a scrapbooking session with friends so that you can pool the supplies together and share them. So that not everyone of you has to get a paper trimmer or that latest alphabet set. By pooling supplies, you’ll instantly have a bigger collection of supplies to select from.
  • Go through your supplies and put aside those you know you’ll never use or extra supplies. Then swap the never-to-be-used or extra supplies with other scrapbookers. Suddenly, you’ll have “new” supplies to work with.
  • Don’t throw your small paper scraps away! Save them to be used for punches, die-cuts, as mat or frame, to back up smaller photos. In fact, punches are a marvelous way to use up your tiny pieces of paper scraps. To add a distinctive look to your punches, use up your patterned paper scraps too.
  • When creating a mat or border for your scrapbooking page, cut out the center part and save it for other purposes. In frugal scrapbooking, little paper scraps go a long way.
  • Digital scrapbooking will save you from buying countless scrapbooking supplies. Of course, that’s provided you already have computer, printer and Internet access readily available. If not, buying these big items will cost a bomb in the initial stage.
  • Make your own templates or stencils. It’s another fun frugal scrapbooking tip. Get your designs from the Internet, coloring books or cookie-cutters, trace them out on a cardboard and then cut out the designs with a X-Acto knife.
  • Frames from purchased die-cuts can also double up as a template. Simply follow the shape and trace the shape onto your background paper. A great addition to your frugal scrapbooking collection.
  • Make your own stickers! Make stickers out of your favorite paper punches. Choose your desired paper color, punch out design and apply double-sided tape to the back of design. Peel off the other side and you have your homemade stickers!
  • Start out with buying one piece of each item. Determine that you love the results then by all means go out and buy in bulk. For example, buy a basic black-colored pen and if you like the results, you can consider buying various colors.
  • If you know that you need photo duplicates for separate albums, it’s much cheaper to have them printed in duplicates when processing your film. Reprints can be more expensive.
  • A digital camera or smartphone camera can help you save money by deleting away those not so fantastic photos that don’t look great on the reviewing screen. You only need develop those that make your grade.
  • Create embellishments by cutting out small motifs or designs from patterned papers from your leftover paper scraps. Alternatively, motifs or designs can be cut-out from an area that’s covered up by the photo from the same sheet of paper.
  • You can also create fabric flowers out of pretty fabrics from your sewing and crafts supplies.
  • Stop wasting good papers. Print your rough drafts on non-archival papers. If you’re printing journaling boxes, print several boxes at one go on one sheet of good paper to maximize usage.

Scrapbooking on a budget can help you go a long way to scrapbooking more pages, and more often. And simple designs can be beautiful as well.

You don’t have to always have the latest techniques or supplies to create pretty pages. You need not spend like twenty bucks on a page. Sometimes it’s a matter of sticking to the basics.

Scrapping with a limited budget just takes a little creativity to make the best of what you got on hands. :)

2 comments for “Frugal Scrapbooking

  1. Laura
    December 27, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Great tips! I’m a beginner and you give me hope :-)

    • Fion
      December 27, 2014 at 10:30 pm

      Hi Laura,

      What you need is a little inspiration, encouragement and some ideas, and you are off to a good start to scrapbooking and preserving your memories! Have fun scrapping! :)

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