Growing Sweet Basil at Home

About 3 weeks ago, I was shopping at the supermarket that’s nearby our place with my husband. While he shopped for groceries, I went to look at the refrigerated section. Inside these chill rooms, organic vegetables were being sold. At the top row, there were mini pots of herbs. I saw them here before and this time I wanted to get a pot of sweet basil plant and try growing them at home, inside our flat. It’s under $3.

I’ve read some suggestions that it’s worth growing herbs at home instead of buying prepackaged herbs. It’s cost-saving and it’s pesticide-free. I knew the waste of buying prepackaged sweet basil. I bought a pack for less than $2 but I only used up a small portion of it and in the end, I had to throw away the rest. What a waste!

I figured out that if we were able to grow a pot at home, I could just pluck off a few leaves each time and use them in my pasta cooking which I do occasionally. That’s the thing, I don’t cook pasta that often to use up those prepackaged sweet basil. But a little pot of sweet basil would serve my purpose.

I showed my husband the potted sweet basil and ask if he could grow it for me and he said he would try. So we brought home the mini potted herb. Later when my husband went to work and I couldn’t find the plant, I had to text to ask him.

Okay, he put it in our fridge! I’ve read that sweet basil is a tropical plant and will thrive in sunshine. I quickly went to pull it out of the fridge and by the time I did, the poor plant looked a little devastated. That’s 3 weeks ago.

Our sweet basil plant is still alive and growing, and I’ve plucked off leaves off our home-grown pot a few times for my cooking. All I had to do was to pluck off some leaves, rinsed them well with water and they were ready to be used.
Growing a mini pot of sweet basil herb at home.

Plucked off sweet basil leaves off my home-grown herb pot.

Sweet basil leaves ready to be used for cooking in pasta sauce.Some days, this herb pot looks well and booming. Some days, its leaves were drooping and some of its leaves turned yellowish . We live in a tropical climate so sunshine is aplenty all year round. Just that it also tends to rain intermittently especially towards the end of the year. We’re still trying to work out how to make it grow healthily.

This home-grown potted herb experiment will make for a good scrapbooking idea too. :)

Have you tried growing herbs at home or in your garden? How did it turn out for you?

2 comments for “Growing Sweet Basil at Home

  1. Terry Roberts
    May 11, 2017 at 4:24 am

    It is best to water sweet basil by soaking the bottom of pot until roots well watered. Then place in a drainage situation!

    • Fion
      May 11, 2017 at 10:38 am

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for sharing the tip! Our pot of sweet basil was long gone as we didn’t figure out how to grow it properly. I hope this tip will benefit readers who are looking into growing their own sweet basil plant at home.

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