Handwriting and Scrapbooking

My scrapbook layout where I used my handwriting for my page title and journaling.
Have you been handwriting on your scrapbook layouts? Concerned that your handwriting isn’t beautiful or neat enough? Worried that your natural handwriting would ruin a good thing?

I want to talk a little about handwriting and scrapbooking today. Why? Because I Whatsapp my sisters to tell them somehow I find my handwriting a little weird after I handwrote out something yesterday. I’m one of these adults who hardly handwrite these days but immerse ourselves in the world of typing and texting.

Lack of Use Dulls the Handwriting

My handwriting skill gets a little rusty from lack of use and practice over the years. These days, when I have to write, I hesitate and my handwriting doesn’t flow smoothly but rather choppily and my handwriting suffers from that. I tend to miss some letter curves or a letter simply looks odd, for me it’s usually the letter r and s.

I’m quite conscious of the fact that I’m not holding my pen the standard tripod way and there’s a nagging tiny voice telling me that I’m doing it wrong. Actually, it’s more like I remember my aunt telling me that I’m holding my pen incorrectly, and that happened many moons ago when I was just a kid. How some memories stuck and this is a negative one that needs to be tossed out!

I did a quick search for images online on grasping the pen correctly, and I played around a little with writing with the standard tripod grasp. Maybe it’s habit, I still feel my usual way of holding my pen the most natural way even if it’s not the standard common way to do it.

Handwriting Adds a Degree of Uniqueness

Then I remember something else, didn’t I use to handwrite regularly on my scrapbooking layouts? So I went to browse through my scrapbooks, and true enough, I handwrote a large portion of my journaling back then when I was doing paper scrapbooking.

My reason was simple for using my handwritng was simple. I ran of cartridge ink and I didn’t want to purchase a new one, so I turned to handwriting my journaling.

No, my handwriting wasn’t perfect back then too and not beautiful by any standard. It’s not as legible as standard fonts, but there’s a sense of uniqueness and it feels like I’ve put a personal stamp on my pages when I handwrote my journaling or page titles. I even looked into how I could spice up my handwriting that I wrote this article about using creative lettering in your scrapbooking projects a few years ago.

Looking at these scrapbook pages now, I rejoice in the fact that I’ve added my handwriting to my scrapbooking pages and that in itself made it unique. And these pages will serve as a reminder of how my handwriting looks like when I do put in the effort to slow down and handwrite nicely.

Should I still be that bothered that I’m not holding my pen the standard way and let the little nagging voice continues to affect my handwriting? I think not. And if I do start scrapping again, would I still handwrite out my journaling? I think so. It will be a good chance for me to use and practice my handwriting once again, leaving trails of my personal imprints on my scrapbook pages.

Say Cheese Scrapbook Layout

The scrapbook page shown above was recreated back in 2006. It’s of one of the first scrapbook pages I’ve created when I started scrapping in early 2005. And oh, I can’t remember if this layout was my own creation or I did a scraplift because I didn’t jot down other details other than my creation dates.

But do take a look at my handwritten journaling. That’s not my usual handwriitng. I deliberately created this handwriting style for some of my scrapbook pages. Other times, I simply handwrote in my usual handwriting.

So you can experiment and have a little fun with the way you use handwriting on your scrapbook layouts. :)


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