Heritage Scrapbooking Layouts

Maybe like me, you become clueless when it comes heritage scrapbooking layouts! How to deal with those precious and one-of-a-kind family photos? Somehow, they seem to belong to another era, which they are!

But frankly, I’m at a loss at how to come up with effective layouts to do justice to those treasured family photos.

The solution?

By paying attention to how others do their layouts, you’ll be presented with a great variety of creative ideas to scrapbook these photos in very nostalgic and beautiful ways.

To get fresh ideas on heritage layouts, leisurely browse through a few carefully selected galleries below. Each contains a category devoted to solely heritage layouts.


Heritage Layout Galleries

Two Peas in a Bucket
This very popular site houses a wonderful collection of thousands of different heritage layouts. Be amazed by the variety of layouts you can get out of here! Highly recommended.


Another huge collection of inspiring heritage layouts that make you goes “wow!” Go to “See Categories” and scroll down to the “Miscellaneous” section, and you’ll find “Heritage Pages” right there.

Your Family Legacy

Though the collection is a far cry from the previous two sites, you’ll find two dozens or so very nicely done heritage layouts. And they have a list of articles related to heritage scrapbooking.

Be prepared that looking through those layouts might transport you back to a generation of another era…


Happy getting inspirations for heritage layouts! And if you’re looking for ideas on creating your heritage album, check out this article!

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