Hot Pink Scrapbooking Birthday Card Idea

Hot pink scrapbooking card made with few supplies. Easy steps.

If you’re looking for an easy scrapbooking birthday card idea, here’s one.

I made this card for my younger sister’s birthday last year. Yeah, I kept the photos for over a year and finally got them out now to do a writeup about making it.

With just cardstock, a piece of doily, rubber stamp and ink, I’ve made this handmade birthday card that my sister liked. Other than the doily, the rest of the card making supplies came from my scrapbooking stash.

Supply List:

  • Hotpink, pink and light pink cardstock
  • KAISERstamp Happy Birthday 2 rubber stamp
  • StazOn Timber Brown solvent ink pad
  • Doily
  • Adhesive

Create a card blank with pink card stock.

Step 1. Creating the Card Blank

This eye-catching piece of hot pink cardstock should be from my pack of KCK Premium Canvas-Textured Cardstock. It’s already in A5 size, so all I did was just to fold it down to half.


Rubber stamping text on a piece of doily.

Step 2: Rubber Stamping Birthday Greeting on Doily

Doily, who would have thought it would make its way into papercrafting, but these ornamental mats traditionally used for serving desserts are now making appearances on scrapbook layouts and homemade cards.

I bought a pack that contains 250 pieces of doilies for less than $3 from a value shop that sells many other stuff. What am i going to do with the rest of the paper doilies?

Okay, let me revert to step 2 of the card making process. I just applied ink on my Happy Birthday rubber stamp and stamped it in the center of the doily.


Adhered stamped doily to lower left corner of card blank.

Step 3: Adhere Stamped Doily to Card Blank

Applied some adhesive to the back of the stamped doily and adhered it to the lower left corner of the hot pink card blank. Folded in the left and bottom edges of the doily to the back of the front cover. Applied some adhesive to make the excess edges stay put at the back.


Adhered a layered strip down the right side of card.

Step 4: Adhere a Layered Cardstock Strip to Card

I cut out a chunky strip of light pink cardstock from my scraps. Then I cut out another narrower strip of pink cardstock also from my stash. I adhered the narrow strip atop the thicker strip.

Then I adhered the layered strip down the right slde of the card blank.


Hot pink scrapbooking card made with few supplies. Easy steps.

Step 5: Adhere a Thin Pink Strip Across the Card

For the final step, I cut out a thin strip of pink cardstock. Next, I stuck it down across the top part of the card blank. Done!

By digging into your current scrapbooking stash, you will usually have enough materials to create handmade cards or scrapbooking cards. That’s a great way to stretch the usage of your scrapbook supplies.

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  1. Lily
    May 26, 2016 at 4:48 am

    Lovely! I loved it, so did my friend.

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