How to Apply Rub-Ons

In this super short one-minute scrapbook video, you’ll get to see what rub-ons are and how to apply rub-ons to embellish your pages.

Presented by, you’ll be shown samples of rub-ons and a demonstration on exactly how to apply them to your pages.

Rub-ons can include letters, words, quotes, ribbons, borders and images. Just be sure that you’re buying rub-ons and not vellum quotes/images. They aren’t the same thing and therefore the application methods are different too.


  • To avoid accidentally transferring other rub-ons onto your page, cut out the specific rub-on you want to use.
  • Do not remove the backing sheet from the rub-ons until you’re ready to use it. The backing sheet helps the rub-ons to stay put.



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