I Attended an Online Class – Ten Tips for Better Type

Digital scrapbook layout titled Look At These Faces.When I created my first post for my newly added blog to my website yesterday, I suddenly recalled attending an online class about typography back in September 2012 by Cathy Zielske. She’s one of the few scrapbooking authors whose books I do own!

Her scrapbooking style speaks to me, so clean and simple that’s feel refreshing amidst seeing too many heavily accented and embellished scrapbook layouts.

So when there’s an announcement for her  two-week online typography class, I was motivated to sign up even though I hardly had any time to scrapbook back then. But I really like the clean type that keep appearing on Cathy Zielske’s scrapbook layouts. I wanted to learn some tips from this scrapbooker who’s a graphic designer focusing on print design. I wanted to learn the secrets to creating beautiful typography on my scrapbook layouts. And I signed up.

Such online classes are perfect for busy mommies who can hardly find time to attend a real life class outside of the house. With an online class, you can do it at your own timing and pace. Just that if you decide to attend the live video chat, you’ll have to find it in schedule to do that. Otherwise, you can just watch through the recorded video chat when it’s posted online in the online classroom area.

I managed to find time to go through class and I was delighted to be learning something new other than being so busy taking care of a little tot. It’s a welcoming relief to be creating something again. For this class, I made two new scrapbook layouts. One was for the layout assignment given by Cathy, and that’s the one you’ve seen at the top of this post.

She has given us step-by-step instructions on creating the layout using either Microsoft Word or Photoshop Elements to create the components needed to build up this scrapbook layout. The layout arrangement I’ve created above is by following her sample layout.

She termed this layout as a hybrid design as we’re supposed to create the title strip, page base and journaling text, and then to print these out. Then we would have to trim the title strip to adhere to the printed page base, trim out three photos to the sizes specified and paste them on, and also to find a patterned paper block to paste it on the lower left corner.

But I took the easy way out, I did everything digitally without printing anything out. I didn’t want to be pulling out my scrapbook supplies, scattered them around and then be constantly interrupted by a demanding toddler. By the way, that little boy in the layout, that’s my then toddler boy. The other two cuties are my nieces.

For those of you who’s too busy to attend classes outside your home, try to consider taking an online class like I did. It’s rather rejuvenating to take an online scrapbooking class. You can try an online class that will teach you a technique such as creating gorgeous clutter embellishments for your scrapbook pages. You can learn through a self-paced workshop on how to take better photography or write better journaling.

There’s are such creative online classes that will show you how to preserve your memories in creative ways. Try it something and let me know how you like online scrapbooking classes!


Credits for Look at These Faces
Page Template: Cathy Zielske
Patterned Paper: Retrorewind by Amy Fenner
Fonts: Avenir Book for title and text.


Remember: keep it classic and keep it clean

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