Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

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Ideas for scrapbooking pages

As beginners, you’ll need lots of ideas for scrapbooking pages. As your mind draws a blank, how are you supposed to come up with ideas to scrapbook about?

Well, I used to be in your shoes too. When I first started. I used to think that I didn’t have ideas on topics that I could scrapbook about and I was unsure about what to include on my layouts.

You can rest assured that there are plentiful of ideas you can use in your pages! It’s more of a matter of what you’ll like to scrapbook about.

To kick start your thinking cap, I’ve written down three lists of scrapbook ideas you can use in your pages:

  1. List of popular themes.
  2. List of favorites, interests, hobbies or special occasions.
  3. List of Ideas from mementos you’ve carefully saved up over the years.

Popular Themes

Here’ are some common themes that scrapbookers like to include in their albums. You can pick up an idea here and try making a layout with it.

Favorites/ Interests/ Hobbies/ Special Occasions

This list of ideas for scrapbooking pages is in no way all-inclusive; it’s meant to be your launch pad to even more ideas:

  • Art and Craft Scrapbook
  • Award Presentations Scrapbook
  • Baby’s Firsts Scrapbook
  • Big Move from State to State
  • Birthday Cakes Scrapbook
  • Birthday Gifts Scrapbook
  • Book Club Scrapbook
  • Card Making Scrapbook
  • Chocolates and Cakes Scrapbook
  • Collector’s Scrapbook
  • Concert/Theater Scrapbook
  • Fan Club Scrapbook
  • Fashion and Style Scrapbook
  • Favorite Actors/Actresses Scrapbook
  • Favorite Gifts Scrapbook
  • Favorite Movies/TV Shows Scrapbook
  • Favorite Photos Scrapbook
  • Favorite Things Scrapbook
  • Favorite Toys Scrapbook
  • Festivals Scrapbook
  • Fun and Frolics Scrapbook
  • Gardening Scrapbook
  • Hangout Places Scrapbook
  • Hobby Scrapbook
  • New Home Scrapbook
  • New Job Scrapbook
  • Party/Dinner Scrapbook
  • Pregnancy Scrapbook
  • Reading Scrapbook
  • Recipes Scrapbook
  • Restaurant Scrapbook
  • Romantic Keepsake Scrapbook
  • School Plays Scrapbook
  • School Sports Scrapbook
  • Valentines Scrapbook
  • Young Artist Scrapbook
  • Young Baseball Player Scrapbook
  • Young Soccer Player Scrapbook

So on and so forth.

So you see, it’s really up to your own imagination. You may have very different hobbies and experiences from others; capitalize on your uniqueness and turn it into unusual ideas for your scrapbooking pages.

Dig Out Those Mementos

Besides photos, what other stuffs are great ideas for scrapbooking pages? Again, it’s one long list!

The following list is not all-inclusive, it cannot be. But it’ll move you in the right direction for a start:

  • Greeting cards from family, friends, acquaintances.
  • Letters, notes, postcards you’ve exchanged with others.
  • Invitation cards and thank-you notes.
  • Postmarked envelopes.
  • Party favors or napkins.
  • Pressed flowers, buttons, stickers, coins.
  • Wrapping, ribbons or tags from gifts and clothing articles.
  • Printed materials like maps from vacations, travel itineraries, menus from restaurants, colorful brochures from companies or stores.
  • Copies of identifications including social security card, driver’s license, birth certificate.
  • Award certificates, certificates of achievements, letters of recognition, testimonies, photocopies of plaques.
  • Newspapers clippings about family members or activities.
  • Recipes that you’re famous for, your favorite recipes or those you shared with your friends.
  • Packaging from your favorite stuff like CDs, perfumes, aromatherapy oils, chocolate wrappers.
  • Labels from jars, wine, boxes of ingredients.
  • Ticket stubs from concerts, sporting event, performances, gala dinners, movies, live performances, seminars, workshops or airlines you’ve taken together.
  • Biographical information.
  • Quotes or autographs from your favorite authors, chefs, celebrities, speakers.
  • A list of family, friends, child, personal milestones and achievements.
  • Business cards or hotel stationery.
  • Articles cut out from newspapers, brochures, magazines.
  • Drawings, diagrams or sketches
  • Photocopies of official documents like college records, marriage licenses, religious confirmations.
  • Lock of hair or fur.
  • Stories or anecdotes of personalities or successes, failures, embarrassing/funny moments, curious habits.
  • Posters or even book jackets.
  • Program sheets from events.
  • Tips and techniques from experts.
  • Reviews of movies, theaters, concerts.
  • Copies of your own fan letters and the responses you received.
  • Publicity materials from performing arts centers, workshop organizers, theater groups.
  • Guest book of salutations from participants.
  • Meaningful or special quotes, song lyrics or poems that remind you of that person, occasion or moment.

Little Tips:
To save space, you don’t have to use whole letter, brochure or magazine article. Simply cut out those portions that matter most to you.

Remember to throw in anecdotes and little stories, these are the things that add incredible flavor and really spice up your scrapbook.

Want more free ideas for scrapbooking? Here you go:

More Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

2 thoughts on “Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages”

  1. Heyya! I was going through your site and found it to be very informative… I am planning to make a scrapbook which is basically about me; you know my favourite people, my dreams, my ambitions, my fantasies, my ‘to-do’ list… Things that always keeps me up on my toes. So, I have made a rough plan of the CONTENTS–Number of pages for each topic. And I am afraid that it may cross 50 pages. I am planning to buy a 12X12 scrapbook kit. Will the pages over-brim my scrap-book, should I let go of some topics or detailing? And I have decided to name it as “DREAMS FOR SALE!”, please advise if it’s an apt name considering the above-mentioned contents. And also, please assist me with more ideas to make MY FIRST SCRAPBOOK, MY BEST & ALL-TIME FAVOURITE. Sorry, this went too looooong! Thanks for your time and patience to go through the whole thing. Hoping to hear from you soon. And much thanks in advance for your advice. Take care, keep smiling. :)

    P.S: Please send me an email than on the public forum if that’s not a problem.

    1. Hi S.,

      I believe your question will help other beginners who have similar questions on their minds so I’ll reply to your comment here. And I’ve removed your name for your privacy.

      It’s great that you have so many topics in mind to scrapbook about. You don’t have to give up on any topic that speaks to your heart, it just means you have a list of topics to scrapbook about!

      Your album title sounds fine and you can also consider a more general title such as Peggy’s Scrapbook or Nina’s Scrapbook as your album will include a variety of topics.

      A D-ring scrapbook album might be able to hold about 50 pages but that depends on how thick each of your pages will be and how comfortable it will be for you to hold and flip the pages inside the album. If the album becomes too bulky, you can spread your layouts to two albums or three albums as you create your pages.

      A scrapbook kit will give your pages a coordinated look but it would work better for a focused theme album such as My High School Year 2017, My Family, Disneyland Magic 2016, etc. A scrapbook kit might not last you through 50 layouts so you might want to get more than one kit or unless you’ll be using only a little of the elements on each layout.

      For my albums that cover a variety of topics, I didn’t use a scrapbook kit and each of my pages looks different from the rest. I created each page using different cardstock, patterned paper and embellishments from my stash.

      Hope this helps and have fun creating your first scrapbook album! :)

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