IKEA on a Sunday Afternoon

Three cousins playing around the huge IKEA Tampines store. Yesterday morning, I received a Whatsapp message from my sister asking if my husband could help to ferry two new IKEA tables which didn’t fit back to the store. When they first bought the tables, they had a hard time squeezing the lengthy boxes into their car. My brother-in-law didn’t want to repeat the stuffing incident as he worried that the boxes might scratch his car interiors.

It’s just nice that my husband happens to be driving a van for the time being. His car is in the car workshop and the workshop is waiting for the spare part to arrive before they could start on his car repairs. His cousin runs this car workshop and he has kindly loaned my husband the van.

So in the afternoon, we went over to my sister’s place, picked up the two unopened table boxes and went on our way to IKEA Tampines. My sister’s family went into their own car.

The return of the items took a short while and all of us proceeded to shop around in IKEA. My sister was given an IKEA gift card for the returned items and they wanted to shop for another table. This time, they were prepared with their table measurements.

My little boy as usual, was thrilled to meet up with this two older girl cousins and the three of them were playing around a bit around the huge furniture store. We spent the next two hours browsing and walking around the store.

My Two Purchases

Flundra Dish Drainer I bought from IKEA Tampines.
Along the way, I picked up a white Flundra dish drainer (SGD3.90) to replace my old one which my mom bought me from one of the neighborhood shops.

I also bought a gray Justina chair pad (SGD4.90) for the dining chair that I’m using as my computer chair now. Initially I grabbed a cerise colored one but later changed it to the gray colored one as I’m hoping dirt won’t show up as quickly. Having a chair pad on a wooden chair does feel better especially if I tend to sit for hours on end.

After deliberating over three choices, my sister and brother-in-law finally decided on a study table for their two girls to use. Instead of the previously returned two smaller tables at SGD69 per unit, they settled on a single bigger table which cost a wee bit more than the two tables at SGD169.

Waiting and More Waiting

While my sis and bro-in-law queued to pay up at the cashier, the rest of us went to buy IKEA soft ice cream and soft drinks. We bought three ice-cream and the three kids were happy to be slotting in the tokens and watching the ice-cream machines churn out nicely shaped ice-cream, and plopping them onto the awaiting cones underneath. Loved how the ice-cream tasted and it’s only 50 cents each!

After we had our ice cream and drinks, we were still waiting for them to come out from the cashier. After the cashier, there’s more waiting at the item collection counter. The wait was 45 minutes! By then, we were all rather tired out from the waiting. In the end, my sis and I did something unglam, we joined the three kiddos in sitting on the IKEA trolley. Yeah, five tired souls sitting on a big IKEA trolley.

We spent almost four hours on this trip. At 7pm, we could sit down for our dinner at a vegetarian place. My elder niece certainly wasn’t happy about having a vegetarian meal. ;) After dinner, we helped to deliver the table back to my sis’s place.

After we reached home at 8.40pm, I quickly cleaned up my boy and let him go to sleep since he missed his afternoon nap. Then I put on my new chair pad and changed out my old dish drainer for the new and better looking IKEA drainer. It’s white, so I won’t be surprised if it’s to get dirty sooner. For now I’m liking how it looks and holds my cutlery, knife block, cutting board, plates and bowls!

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