IKEA Stuff Around My Flat

The stuff from IKEA I have in my flat.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I went to IKEA for window-shopping. We weren’t intending to buy anything, but it’s been awhile since we dropped by this mega store so we decided to stop for a visit that Sunday.

After about 45 minutes of browsing, we bought an anti-slip stool that’s perfect for my little boy to use in the toilet now. So he could stand up on it and use the washing basin. We also bought him a green open storage box to store his playthings as I don’t really fancy him strewing his playthings across his blue round table from IKEA.

After we left the IKEA store, I thought about the number of IKEA stuff we have accumulated in our flat. The blue chest of drawers, the blue table and 4 colored chairs were passed down from my twin nephews. They’ve outgrown them. The red-pink closet was passed down from my two nieces who have outgrown it.

Then there is my white bookcase with 6 cubby holes. I’ve bought 3 plastic cubby hole storage boxes to insert into 3 of the 6 holes. And I’m using one of those plastic storage holders to my scrapbooking paper and photo boxes. My craft/work desk is also white. There are also a few photo frames. A plastic storage box that’s recently used to store my husband’s books. All these are from IKEA

IKEA Annual Catalog and Some Fun Facts

I do look forward to receiving the annual catalog in my mailbox. For the past two years, upon receiving my copy of catalog, I would sit down and pore over the pages. I like the Swedish stylish and clean home decor designs and it just makes me feel good flipping through the pages, gathering home decor ideas for my future small flat.

It’s interesting to notice how IKEA managed to lower retail prices for several pieces of its furniture annually. I like that. It’s great on consumers’ pockets.

Oh how interesting, I just checked out IKEA on Wikipedia and learned that out of the five of the largest IKEA stores in the world, only one is from Stockholm, Sweden, while the rest of the 4 biggies are all from China. And the first IKEA store to open in my homeland Singapore was in 1978! So it’s 36 years ago… wow…

An Apartment Furnished with IKEA Furniture

About 10 years ago, my sisters and I moved into an apartment where we furnished the place with mostly furniture from IKEA, beds, bedside tables, TV consoles, shelves, bookshelf, even the curtains. We had them delivered to our place and let the IKEA people assembled all the furniture for us.

Since then, even though we’ve each moved into our own places, pieces of IKEA furniture or home accessories would still seep into our individual home decor over the years.

I anticipate for the next few years, my husband and I would still visit the IKEA store once in awhile. I’m not sure, maybe we might get our furniture from IKEA when we move into our new flat 5 years later. Anyway, it’s just gathering of home decor ideas for now.

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