I’m Starting My Project Life Scrapbook Soon

My thoughts about creating a Project Life Scrapbook to simplify my memory keeping process.Towards the end of 2014, the thought of picking up scrapbooking once more crossed my mind. I played with the idea for a while.

For a few years now, I didn’t take out my scrapbook supplies and scrapbook. I did make cards but not scrapbook pages. Taking care of a new baby who later turned into an active toddler drained me out. I didn’t have the time, the focus or the energy to scrapbook except for about five digital layouts I’ve created in 2011 and 2012.  Whatever free time I had back then was devoted to migrating my two existing websites over to the WordPress platform.

Then in 2013, I started a new blog about teaching toddlers to read because that’s what I was into at that point of my life. Now my little boy is reading and I feel that I’ve shared what I’ve wanted to share on that blog, I wanted to move on to something new, or rather in the end I decided to move back to something familiar, scrapbooking.

While browsing for scrapbooking inspiration in December last year, I came across something that became popular for a while in 2011, smashbooking. I thought that might be a neat idea to try, but somehow I felt I wanted something else and I ended up buying a SmashBook folio gift pack for my dear friend’s upcoming birthday.

Second Encounter with Project Life

As I continued searching, I came across Project Life scrapbook system… for the second time.

I first came across the concept of Project Life by Becky Higgins in 2011. I was so tempted to try out this revolutionary scrapbooking sytem back then. I even checked out the local sellers in Singapore and almost bought the Project Life core kit, photo pockets and binder to jumpstart my memory keeping journey once more. But I dropped the idea afterwards as I felt I didn’t have time to scrapbook with an infant on hand to care for.

But for this second encounter, I knew I wanted to try it out this time.

 Project Life by Becky Higgins Binder – Seafoam Edition Project Life by Becky Higgins Core Kit – Seafoam Edition Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Big Variety Pack 1 (60 Pages)

My Journey with Scrapbooking

Paper scrapbooking was what I started with in 2005. It got me into a very creative, fun and rewarding journey where I played with photos, paper, adhesives, and oodles of beautiful embellishments. I built up six scrapbooks in two years, not many but enough memories scrapped for me to relish over.

Next, I dipped into digital scrapbooking in 2007. It took away the mess to be cleared up after each scrapping session, the urge to shop for more papers and scrapbook supplies, and I got to enjoy many digital freebies! But those digital scrapbook layouts I’ve created stayed inside my laptop folder, and I didn’t print out a single one of them.

Just last week, I had a scare when my son spilled water on my laptop and the prospect of losing all my digital scrapbook layouts didn’t sit well with me at all!

The incident highlighted the importance of doing a data backup and to get my digital layouts printed out! Yesterday I completed uploading 56 of my 12″x12″ and 8/5″x11″ digital layouts to be printed out onto a 8″x8″ hardcover imagewrap photobook.

It’s now being processed and I think it’ll take awhile for the book to be printed and shipped over. But that’s one item checked off my list for 2015. I’m now waiting to hold the resultant photobook in my hands… but I’ll patiently wait. Anyway, it’s been on the hold for years. ;) What I’m hoping is that the pages will be printed out exactly the way I’ve seen them on screen. I’ll let you know how it turns out when I get hold of it.

After digital scrapping, my son’s arrival in early 2011 turned my world and routines upside down. Wanting to save time but refusing to completely do nothing for memory keeping, I turned to mini photobooks to keep track of my little one’s growth, development and milestones for the next three years from his birth to 3 years old.

As I thought more about memory keeping, and tried to make sense of what’s been happening the last several years, I know I want to approach scrapbooking differently this time. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that I bumped into the concept of Project Life once more.

Project Life Vs Scrapbooking

I do not think Project Life and scrapbooking are separate entities but I see Project Life as a game-changer born out of a desire to keep scrapbooking and memory keeping to a much simpler and fuss-free system.

I don’t know about other scrapbookers, but after doing paper or traditional scrapbooking for awhile, it can get a bit overwhelming to deal with never catching up amidst a busy life schedule, the growing piles of scrapbook supplies, and spending hours on a page. So when other life changes came along (in my case a baby), it’s easy to put scrapbooking aside.

I’ve loved my scrapbooking journey, it’s been so rewarding to get some of my most precious memories and photos out of my boxes and computer down onto paper and into albums. Scrapbooking let me uncover the unknown creative side of me. But it can be difficult to continue putting together elaborate and attractive scrapbooks for many years. I want a simpler way to scrapbooking.

Simplicity is what I’m seeking for. I don’t want the flatness of digital layouts, but I also don’t want the mess and too many supplies that usually come along with traditional scrapping. I want to still hold some pretty paper and play around with photos, and I want an easy and faster way to create scrapbook pages and the results must be attractive. I don’t want to spend lots of money on it. I want it to be cheaper than putting together a traditional scrapbook. A tall order? I believe Project Life scrapbook might offer me the answer.

I’ve watched the introductory video to Project Life scrapbooking and it explains that it is as easy as slipping in photos and the predesigned cards into the photo pocket pages, just like slipping in photos into a photo album. Journaling can be done on the artfully predesigned cards and we can document our lives this way without having to cut or glue anything. Just get a Project Life Binder, a Project Life Core Kit, Project Life Photo Pocket Pages, and we’re on our way! That sounds refreshing and exciting to me!

 Becky Higgins Kiwi Edition Designer Album Becky Higgins Kiwi Edition Core Kit Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Design G

How I’ll Tackle My Project Life Scrapbook

In 2009, I started a 50 simple scrapbooking ideas section on my website. Each week, I created a scrapbook layout and shared my idea for that week on this website. I did that for almost every week in 2009. It’s my most productive and meaningful year in my scrapbooking journey to date.

Now, I’ll want to do something similar for my Project Life scrapbook. I’m looking forward to doing a weekly page for 2015. Not a photo a day or a page a day, that’ll be too much for me… But a weekly page seems more digestible to me. I’ll document snippets of my everyday life stories into this album and maybe I’ll share some of my Project Life pages on this blog.

I’ve placed an order for a D-ring binder, Project Life Photo Pocket Pages and Project Life Honey Core Kit through Amazon about a week ago. Now I’m now waiting for the shipment to arrive. How exciting! Right, I’ll  have some catching up to do since January is already ending soon. But it’ll be fun and I can’t wait to get started on my Project Life!

What about you, what do you think about Project Life? What are your experiences with Project Life?

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