Laptop Running Painfully Slow

My laptop, Lenovo G460.
Hmm… in recent two months I’ve noticed that whenever I had my laptop turned on, it took quite awhile to start up.

Even when I tried to log onto the Internet, it took some time and eventually a popup message at the bottom of my FireFox browser would appear informing me that my browser is taking a long time to load up. It asked if I would like to have the issue fixed.

Sure I wanted a solution, like instantly. I did click on the button weeks ago and it brought me to a page that described some ways I could have the issue fixed. I tried that and it’s not helping…

A Pretty Old Laptop

Well, I do have an old laptop. It’s a Lenovo G460 that has served me well for the past 4 years. I bought it in 2010.

Actually it was my husband who seldom uses my laptop who highlighted the problem to me . I kind of overlooked the issue though I’m the one who’s constantly using the laptop. ;)

The problem persisted and got worse. Sometimes after taking a painfully long time to start up, after performing some functions, it automatically shut off my laptop for Windows updates. Argh! So let’s say I came home with an hour to spare to go online, after struggling for 30 minutes to get the laptop going, very soon I had to be out of the house again to pick up my little boy. Not very productive I would say.

I knew little about fixing computer issues, and I thought my laptop is getting old so it’s not unusual for problems to creep up. So I put up with it for the last two months or so. And I do like my laptop and it has a laptop skin featuring The Bedroom painting by Van Gogh…

My laptop skin featuring The Bedroom painting by Van Gogh.

The Solutions to Fixing A Laptop That Runs Slowly

Several days ago, I finally decided to check out with Mr. Google and see if he has a solution for my problem. I typed in “my laptop is very slow” and results popped up.  After reading through a few articles, there were two things I could try out.

The first option to me is a radical move. The suggestion for an old laptop is to reinstall the operating system so as to breathe new life into it. But I’m not technically savvy! I  would have to backup files and such, and what happen if I were to miss a step or did something wrong? I shan’t tamper with my laptop that way, despite the fact that I’m tempted by the idea of giving my old laptop a new lease of life. I’m rather afraid to cause its early demise.

The second option would be to see if I have two anti-virus programs installed as this would lead to a slow start up, and to remove/uninstall any program that’s not necessary. Okay, my chosen anti-virus program is AVG but I remember seeing the McAfee trying to launch in the background. Maybe that’s the problem!

So I went ahead to uninstall McAfee and several other programs that I knew was unnecessary for me. Then there’s also the suggestion to remove unnecessary icons on the desktop to cut down on start up time. I removed a good number of icon shortcuts on my desktop that day.

Did it help after these steps? Yes it does! Now my the start up time for my laptop is greatly reduced and it’s not running painfully slow anymore.

Checking Out the System and Security Tab under Control Panel

In fact, just now I went to the Control Panel on my computer and under System and Security, I saw a link to to “Find and Fix Problems”. Upon clicking on it, a few options came up and I clicked on “Check for performance issues”.

A popup window then appeared and I realized there were a few unnecessary programs were set to run at start up, so I checked off these to stop them from running at start up. I’m not sure if this step would help in speeding up my laptop start up, but at least I have the issued fixed.

I almost thought it’s time to get a new laptop to replace my current one. But other than being very slow to start up before I tried the above solutions, it was still doing okay. I would say my laptop is running alright now. :)

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