Learning to Be Kind and to Share

My 4-year-old made a donation from his red packet money.

About a week before the start of Chinese New Year (it’s over now), my little one was handed an empty red packet by his school. Like the year before, his school had tied up with a local charitable organization to drive donations for other less privileged children in Singapore.

It’s optional of course. Parents could make a donation and seal up the envelope and return it to the school. If they choose not to donate, they could just return the empty envelope back to the school.

He was in Pre Nursery last year, and I did briefly mention to him that we’re making a small donation to help other children. Then I put in a donation into the envelope and gave it back to his teacher. I was the one who made the donation.

This year I did it slightly differently. Instead of inserting a small donation and returned it back to the school like I did last year, I decided to wait till my son collected some red packets. Then I explained to him about the purpose of the red packet and what his donation could do.

Next I asked him if he would like to share some of his red packet money with other children. He replied that he would. I suggested an amount and asked if he would like to make that amount of donation and he said yes. So this year, he made a donation and learned to share from his red packet money

I feel that it’s a good initiative undertaken by his preschool to let young children cultivate a spirit of sharing and caring from a young age. But I also feel that parents would have to be the ones who actively explain the significance of such an activity. If they just slipped in a donation on their own like I did last year and then quickly returned the envelope back to the school without even letting their kids know about it, the meaning of such a donation drive would be lost.

Young children can absorb things amazingly well. So through little actions, children can pick up values and lessons. Learning to have consideration for others and to be kind, I believe these are good values to be picked up from young. Therefore, I do appreciate such initiatives undertaken by his preschool.

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