Let’s Begin the Adventure of Where’s Wally Book

The cover page of Where's Wally Book One by Martin Handford.Sometime in the month of March, my dear friend and her sister came visiting. While the sister and Kaden were playing, it’s suddenly concluded that the sister would buy “Where’s Wally” books for Kaden.

Before that, I had no idea of who’s Wally and what the books would be about. But for the following weeks, Kaden never forgot about asking for his Wally books. After weeks of ordering, shipping and setting up another meet up, my little one has his hands on not one, but two Wally books. Many thanks to my friend’s sister who adores this little boy enough to be showering him with gifts whenever she comes visiting.

She bought him, “Where’s Wally” (Book One) and “Where’s Wally in Hollywood” (Book Four). After flipping through the Book Four, I astutely decided to keep it away till a later date. Well, the various scenes were driving my eyes dizzy and it’s a little too overwhelming for me to be searching for the tiny character of Wally amidst of zillion things going on in one scene! I’m not sure about my 4-year-old, but it’s too much for me to handle. To the storage it will stay for the moment.

Let’s start right from the beginning with Book One first. If he and I can manage that, we might be able to try out Book Four. But at the moment, just looking through the pages of Book Four is enough to make my head swim. I’m not ready to deal with it. ;)

The page one, introductory page of Where's Wally Book One.

So on Saturday morning, I decided to give Book One a go with Kaden. After looking at the first page, I was quickly introduced to the concept of searching for Wally the world traveler in each scene. Wally is always dressed in red and white and he’s wearing glasses.

Before this introductory page, I imagined searching for Wally was the only thing I needed to do. Boy, was I mistaken!

There’s other things to search for. There’s Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw and Wally’s dog Woof which somehow only reveals its tail in each scene. After these regular characters, there’s also Wally Watchers to look out for in each scene. On top of these, there’s Wally’s key, the Wizard Whitebeard’s scroll, Wenda’s camera, Odlaw’s binoculars, and Woof’s bone to look out for in each scene.

Then when I thought that’s all to it, I flipped to the back of the book and found a checklist of items to look out for in each scene! For the very first scene, the In Town scene, there’s 15 items to look out for…

The first scene of Where's Wally Book One called the In Town scene.

As we tried to search for Wally and the bunch of other characters and things, I soon realized how interesting and detailed the scene is! There’s lot of amusing things going on in each scene. A few mishaps that have happened and some accidents waiting to happen, and funny tidbits of life bustling in each scene.

I also quickly understood that I had to take a notebook and a pen to jot down the things I’ve spotted before I became uncertain if I’ve found them yet. With so much going on even in one scene, there’s plenty of conversation starters.

Kaden has asked why the people were crying while a man played the violin, why the doggy was walking on the rooftop, why was there a man coming out of a manhole, and so forth. Kaden also helped to spot a few things for me to check off the list.

So much fun details packed into each scene for us to discover, look over, talk about and delight over. And there’s a feeling of satisfaction when I completed the In Town scene.

We also did the Railway Station scene afterwards. Kaden chose that and it’s easy to know why as he’s so into trains these days.

I’ll tackle another scene with my little one soon. It’s a fun activity to do with Kaden as it keeps our minds engaged.  I think it’ll help to hone his observant skills. And mine too.

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