A Little Blue Bookshelf

A new bookshelf for my little son to hold his storybook collection.Yesterday on a hot, sunny afternoon, my husband and I were sipping cold sour plum drinks at one of the hawker centres in Singapore. Looking across at the neighborhood shops, he muttered that the small furniture shop was having a clearance sale.

I looked and right away spotted little bookshelves, in pink and blue colors. I told him that we could get one for our little boy, the one in blue if the price was right.

After our drinks, we walked over to take a look. It’s SGD 25 and we bought it.

When we reached home that evening, we forgot to bring up the bookshelf box and my husband had to go down to bring it up again. After about 20 minutes of self-assembly, he had the bookshelf fixed. Now that the bookshelf was done, I wondered about the best way to make use of it since it was an impromptu buy.

Previously the thought of getting my son a small bookcase to cater to his expanding book collection did come to mind, but I didn’t actively go in search of one. Now that we have one, I had to think about what to put on it!

Newly self-assembled blue bookshelf.My son was of course thrilled to have a new bookcase, he quickly went off and carried an armload of his “favorites” and placed them on the top shelf. All his Peter and Jane books by Ladybird.

At first I didn’t think they’ll be good on this bookshelf. After awhile, I started to think maybe it’s a good idea. Up the uppermost top shelf these books and other Ladybird books went! I also took out a chunk of his English storybooks from his current plastic storage boxes and put them up on the shelves. As well as gathering a few books from his blue cabinet inside the bedroom to have them on the bookshelf.

Now that one of his existing plastic storage boxes was half freed up, I recalled the two bags of Chinese books my nieces have passed down to my boy. So I retrieved those and placed them together with the rest of the Chinese books in the plastic storage box and the box now sits beside the new bookshelf.

I’ve loved reading since I was a kid, and I love to see that my son has a growing interest in books and reading too. So yes, a little bookcase is a wonderful piece of furniture for him, and it does look cute too. :)

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