Making a DIY Little Woodland Scene

A kids craft project of DIY woodland scene.Last week, Kaden came home with the quarterly magazine called Young Families (Apr-Jun 2015 issue) for the parents to read. I was reading the first article and left the magazine on top of my dressing table.

The little boy picked up the magazine out of curiosity and started flipping. He came to the Craft page  featuring “Into the Woods” and pointed to the picture of the woodland scene. “Mommy, can you please make this?”

I looked at the photo and my mind quickly deduced that it’s doable since I have the craft supplies needed to make this. With my scrapbooking supplies, I’ve already tackled a number of craft projects with him. So yeah, scrapbook supplies especially cardstock translate well into kid papercraft projects.

Supplies Used to Make the Little Woodland Scene

DIY woodland scene kid papercraft project.

  • Pencil –  to draw the outlines of the trees, mushrooms and animals.
  • Scissors – to trim out the drawn items.
  • Cardstock – for cutting out the silhouette of animals and also to act as bases for the animals and mushrooms.
  • Thick paper – to draw on trees and mushrooms and to be painted on. And also to roll and turn into white stems for the mushrooms. I don’t have white straws, so I made do with thick white paper.
  • Toilet paper rolls – as the base/trunks of trees.
  • Acrylic paints and paintbrushes – to paint on the trees and mushrooms.
  • Adhesives – the suggested craft glue didn’t work that well in sticking down the animals and mushrooms on the their bases. So I used sticky tape.

A Brief Story about My Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints, that’s the main supplies which I happened to have several tubes of colors.

About two years ago, I was suddenly inspired and wanted to tried out painting cute doll girls on little canvases using mixed media techniques which would involve acrylic paints. I went out to buy me some acrylic paint colors, paintbrushes, three little blank canvases and a small color palette dish, ready to paint. Well, these supplies stayed inside my storage box for the last two years.

I had the intention, but I just couldn’t take the first step to even draw or do anything on the little blank canvases I’ve bought. It continues to be on my to-do list.

Fast forward to the present. Okay, so it seemed I had all the supplies to make the DIY woodland scene. Any excuse to refuse my boy’s request? Nope.

A Copycat’s Efforts

DIY silhouette cutouts of animals for our little woodland scene kid craft project.
DIY trees for our little woodland scene kid craft project.DIY mushrooms for our little woodland scene kid craft project.

I’m not any good with drawing anything. There’s once when Kaden asked me to doodle a cat, dog, and some other animals. To my dismay, I couldn’t draw them out from imagination and I laughed at what I’ve drawn then. So a given picture to act as a reference for me is truly a saver!

I broke out my new acrylic paints and had my first attempt with acrylic paints. The very first time, I added too much water that diluted the paint too much and it soaked the paper. So I learned to just add tiny drops of water or sometimes not at all.

The mushrooms, one of them was painted by Kaden and I had to add on the white dots. I think you can spot which one was by him.

We made only three trees and the little boy wasn’t satisfied. The next day, he made me do the remaining two trees. Hey, I even cut out an extra rabbit for the woodland scene!

I reckon the whole kid papercraft project took about an hour or so to make. And I finally had a chance to use my acrylic paints, put my scrapbook supplies to use, and made something my little one wanted. :)

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