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More scrapbook tips? Here’s some fresh scrapbook tips to get you going. 25 new tips you can try out, one by one.

If you’ve missed out the earlier series, be sure to check them out. There’s 100 tips in the first 3 series.


Tips No. 101 – 125

Continued from 3rd series

Tip No. 101
You know how you can make your leaf-patterned design more loving? Add some hand-cut or chipboard hearts to act as additional “leaves” for your leaf-patterned design.

Tip No. 102
To direct the reader’s eyes from one element to the next element on the scrapbook page, use an arc to direct the eyes

Tip No. 103
Worried that your album will look dated in 20 years’ time? Stick to a classic color scheme such as black (and its hues) and white and let the colors of your photos add interesting color contrasts.

Tip No. 104
If you intend to pair a black-and-white photo with a color photo on a layout, do put the color photo at the bottom of the page. That’s because color photos have more visual weight, and doing the reverse would make your page looks top heavy.

Tip No. 105
You know your baby is sleeping very little and that leaves you barely any time to scrapbook. Why not create a “Today” album where you record the small moments that happened and save the bigger moments when you can find time to scrapbook them? You can start off each page with “Today I….”. Soon you’ll have a mini album filled with “Today” pages!

Tip No. 106
Another time-saving tip is to switch to smaller page size, use your own handwriting for journaling and used whatever scraps you can find lying around. You’ll be amazed at the direction your creativity will take you when you’re hard-pressed for time.

Tip No. 107
Do you adore sequins? Want to incorporate them into your layouts without adding too many of them? A fun way is to dot your letters “i”, “j” and replace the letter “o” with a sequin.

Tip No. 108
Want a more airy look to your page? Leave ample white space on your page. Just remember to make sure there’s a strong focal-point photo on your layout.

Tip No. 109
Looking for a cute way to add a rainbow to your page? Use different-colored embroidery floss to stitch the “arches” of your rainbow.

Tip No. 110
Do you use lots of staples on your page layout but is worried that the little “bumps” will leave imprints on the adjacent page? Use a small hammer and gently pound down the staples.

Tip No. 111
To create a quick and easy wave pattern, punch half-circles on strips of papers.

Tip No. 112
Do you want a creative way to add leaves on your flower accents? Transform your photo turns into “leaves” for your flower accents!

Tip No. 113
To create a bubble look to your paper waves, consider adding gems to act as “water bubbles”.

Tip No. 114
Don’t want to write paragraphs of journaling text? A quick way to add journaling is to swiftly list down keywords and short phrases of facts or observations about your subject. Keep listing down all the keywords and short phrases that come to mind and before you know it, you’re done creating a long chunk of journaling!

Tip No. 115
If you have patterned papers that feature strips, lines or grids, these will act as the prefect guides to your handwritten journaling.

Tip No. 116
Add more photos to your layouts by creating a photo collage made up of photo cropped into square or rectangles.

Tip No. 117
Don’t just broadcast the “good news” in your scrapbooks. Make your pages reflect the “whole” you, and that means letting your layouts reflect the good and bad, the triumphs and failures…

Tip No. 118
Looking for a way to add a romantic feel to your page? Tear off some of the edges of your paper block and curl them up.

Tip No. 119
Don’t be afraid to mix both black-and-white photos with color photos on the same layout. It’s a matter of alternating between these two styles for a good balance.

Tip No. 120
One way to add a whimsical look to your black-colored background is to freehand little circles to form a magical trail across the page using different-colored pens!

Tip No. 121
Make extra mileage out of scrapbooking sketches. Besides using sketches for scrapbook layouts, you can also make cards based on the scrapbooking sketch!

Tip No. 122
Look to your photos for elements of design, such as lines or shapes that you can repeat on your layout. Repetition of lines or shapes will help the eye movement across the page.

Tip No. 123
Another journaling tip is to start your page by asking a question in the page title and build a page that answers the question.

Tip No. 124
Choose photos that show communication with your loved ones in everyday context. These photos will remind you and your loved ones of your daily loving interactions.

Tip No. 125
Create a photo bar by punching out squares out of your photos and lining them up for a long page border. It’s a great way to add lots of photos to a page!

Phew, hope that this series is a great one for you!

Happy scrapping with these scrapbook tips!

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