Mother’s Day for Me

This year Mother’s Day, my two sisters and I met up to have brunch at the Oromo Cafe, located at the Shaw Tower for an advanced Mother’s Day celebration. Nope, the funny thing is our mom doesn’t like to eat out with us and it’s just us three sisters who celebrated motherhood together.

We bought a good deal from Groupon. Four sets of All-Day Breakfast with Drinks vouchers to share among us. We chose to visit the cafe on a weekday morning.

So last Wednesday morning, I brought Kaden along to meet up with my sisters. When we arrived at the cafe, we were the only customers. Out of the 7 options for the all-day breakfast, we chose:

  • German sausage platter
  • Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bacey
  • Mr. Benedict
  • Pasta with sausage, bacon, and egg

Sisters having early Mother's Day celebration at Oromo Cafe.We took awhile to decide on the drinks though. In the end, we ordered two iced passion fruit teas, one iced caramel latte and one iced mocha latte.

My sister went to the counter to place our orders and it took the staff some time to prepare the food. As we were the only customers, we wondered how would they handle crowds.

But when our food came, we could see that all the dishes were prepared with efforts and looked similar to those shown on pictures. Besides looking presentable, the taste of the food matched with their appearances. We enjoyed all four dishes and the Mr. Benedict was a first try for us all and we really like it! And they added real passion fruit into the ice passion fruit tea drinks.

One of my sisters liked the food so much so that she bought another two vouchers, and she’s at the cafe right at this moment while I’m writing this post with her husband for her second round of Oromo Cafe yumminess!

Mother’s Day Crafts by My Preschooler

My preschooler's Mother Day Craft created at his preschool.

My preschooler created this creative doll at his preschool as a Mother's Day gift.

I see that preschools will normally let their kids create some crafts as Mother’s Day gifts. This way, it’s almost guarantee that we mothers of preschoolers will get some craft gifts from our preschoolers.

This year, Kaden came home with two craft gifts for me. The big painted heart-shaped lined with colorful flower papers was created with his English Teacher, and the paper/plastic bag doll was created with his Chinese Teacher.

I have to mention that the doll was made with a big dose of creativity! Look at how the teacher let the kids use plastic bag to make up the doll’s body and peanut for the nose, and the child’s own palm prints for the doll’s palms. I’m certainly hanging it up the wall. :)

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