My 4-Year-Old Boy is into the MRT Now

My 4-year-old son browsing through the street directory.My young son turned 4 last week! Over time, it’s been quite amusing to see how he has devoted himself to various interests.

This boy is very into taking the MRT recently. It’s our local version of the subway or metro. So for his birthday last week, he asked to be taken on the MRT to the Jurong East station. We brought him there and he was all excited about taking the train to the Jurong East. It’s not his first MRT ride though. He has taken the MRT a few times before his current fascination.

Just two weeks ago, we brought him to take the MRT to the Admiralty station at his request. He refused to sit and asked to be carried by his daddy so he could look up at the MRT map above the doorway, and studied each station that we stopped by. Few days later, he memorized all the stations we’ve passed by. But he remembered them not by their station names, but by their station codes!

He would ask me, “Mommy, what is NS10?” “Mommy, what is NS15?” and so on. I have since learned that it’s the Admiralty and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations respectively. I tried to patiently explain to him that we remember the stations by names not by their codes. I’ve never remembered any single station by its code before.

It took awhile, but it finally got into him and he began to memorize the station names.

After that ride to the Admiralty station, somehow he got hold of his daddy’s street directory book which has a full MRT map in it. For the next several days, he would pore over the MRT map for a long time and identified that he wanted to travel to Jurong East. From looking at the MRT map, he progressed into looking at the street maps to identify the MRT stations across certain parts of Singapore.

My husband finds his son’s new obsession baffling and commented, “I only starting looking at the street directory when I learned to drive at 21 years old!” Even for me, I only touched the street directory when I was an adult. None of my nieces or nephews have been known to study the MRT map or street directory book when they were 4 years old or even now.

Anyway, because of his desire to visit the Jurong East station, it brought the three of us to a part of Singapore which we’ve not been to together before, and also traveled on an MRT line that we’ve not taken before. Because of my little’s one big interest in MRT now, I’ve also started to look more carefully into the MRT map to identify the shortest route to reach the Jurong East destination. And I learned that there’s new MRT lines I’ve not been on before and many more new stations I’m not even aware of.

While my little boy learns, I’m learning too. He continues to look at the MRT map and street maps daily. I think he mentioned about wanting to take the MRT to the Changi Airport… ;)

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