My 6×6 Mini Photo Book and My Project Life Scrapbook Updates

Time sure rolls by fast when we are celebrating Chinese New Year! We’ve enjoyed two days of Public Holidays last Thursday and Friday, and my husband didn’t have to work last Saturday and Sunday, so that’s four non-working days for him.

Today is considered the 8th day of Chinese New Year. We will be going over to my good friend’s house this evening to feast on steamboat dinner. My friend absolutely loves steamboat and she could have it several times in a week and not get sick of it. She did invite other friends and my family to her house last Sunday, but we couldn’t make it as my family joined my mom, my siblings and their families for a gathering.

Our Love Story Photo Book in Mini Size

Anyway, I’ve wanted to share with you the other photo book that I’ve mentioned about making. It came last Monday and I’m liking it!

Here’s the cover page of the soft cover 6″x6″ mini photo book I’ve ordered from Photobook Singapore.

Our Love Story Photo Book Cover Page

Right below are four inner pages from the photobook.

Our Love Story Photo Book 1 Our Love Story Photo Book 2

A little background story about how I came to create this photo book. Back when my boyfriend (now husband) and I started dating in 2009, I wasn’t scrapbooking as other things took over. My husband wasn’t’/isn’t the kind of guy that’s into taking photos too. But I did manage to take some photos of us during the early days. Soon we got married and then our son came along, and life became very busy the last few years. I basically didn’t document our dating memories.

So I thought it’ll be good to go over all the photos I’ve taken together with my husband over the last few years and collate them into a mini photobook. I had a good time recollecting the moments we’ve shared first as a couple then as a family. I spent a good two or three days selecting photos, uploading and editing photos using the Photobook Designer software I’ve downloaded from Photobook Singapore website. It’s worth the time to do it.

Now I’m thinking of ordering this photobook at a bigger size, probably a 8″x8″ hard cover image-wrapped photo book like I did with my digital scrapbook layouts. I also have to add in a few photos I recalled missing out on. It should be easy since this is already saved as a project with the online photo book company I’m using.But I’ll save this for later.

My Project Life Scrapbook First Steps

Two days ago, I finally opened up my box of Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition and looked through the stack of artfully designed Title cards and Journaling cards. I love the happy color schemes and I love the featured pictures! I’m sure these cards will perk up my Project Life pages.

After looking through the cards, I pulled out the First and Last page cards and inserted them into my Project Life Photo Pocket pages (Design A). I know it’s nothing much, as I followed the placement suggestions to the tee. But I took the first step.

The first page of my project life scrapbook.The last page of my Project Life scrapbook.

Once I started on my first step, things get into motion. Yesterday I spent several hours collating the photos I’ve taken in January to be printed out.

At first, I thought I could spent an hour to gather the photos, save them into my thumbdrive and send it for printing. I quickly realized I had to edit some of the photos as the lighting was too dark on a good number of them. Then I had to resize a bunch of portrait photos into 3×4-inch, so I could fit two of them onto a 4×6-inch photo to be printed out.

I had it done yesterday. Today, I’m hoping to get the photos printed out at a photo center near my son’s preschool later on when I go pick him up. :)

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