My Heroes Scrapbooking Idea

My Heroes Scrapbooking Layout

This scrapbooking idea is about scrapbooking people who exert an influence in your life – your heroes.

Well, you can choose to focus all your attention on your single biggest hero. Or you can choose to scrapbook about your top 10 favorite heroes.

Heroes could be famous characters living in the present or in the past, the everyday ordinary people in your life, or even some fictional characters. It’s up to you. :-)

The heroes you choose to scrapbook about will let others know how these characters have shaped you in certain ways. You can write about the reasons why these personalities knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly play an influential role in your life.

You can turn your page into a tribute to your heroes. You can also talk about the lessons you’ve absorbed from them.

For me, as I think about my larger than life heroes, three very diverse personalities came to mind. They are of heroic proportions to me and impact me in different areas of my life.

One is a highly inspiring spiritual leader whose wise guidance through his writings, videos, news, activities continue to awe and move me deeply, inspiring me to draw out my innate potential.

Another is a brilliant nutritional immunologist with a vision for a disease-free world and bringing good health to others through her well-researched range of health food, skincare and cosmetics.

While another is a dedicated and wonderful founder of the web-building business which hosts my websites. He and his company not only taught me how to create websites, but to earn a living from my websites doing work I enjoy doing. :-)

On my layout, I’m inspired to write a poem about my heroes…

Thank you for being visionary
For your vision reaches far and beyond
Penetrating into lives and changing lives
Entrusting power into the hands of the common

Thank you for your dedication
For your commitment benefits thousands
Bringing hopes and open up new possibilities
Nurturing dreams and fostering human potential

Thank you for your passion
For your passion soars you to great heights
Inspiring countless people and blazing a trail
Leaving the world a better place than yesterday

You are my heroes and mentors
Making me see that I’m capable of much more
Inspiring me to reach for my higher potential
In turn reaching out to others and inspiring them

You bring to my soul spiritual faith,
You bring to my body good health and vitality,
You bring to my life work I enjoy doing,
You are a true blessing in my life,
Thank you for spreading your vision!

Okay, time for you to think about your heroes and the kind of influence they have on you and your life. Enjoy this scrapbooking idea!


Supplies used: Cardstocks – Bazzill Basics; Orange paper – Grant Archival “Scrapbook Paper Pack”; Striped patterned papers – Pebbles Inc “Mahattan”; Black and white patterned paper – SEI “Black Orchid”; Tag labeler and black labels; Buckle – from stash; Photos – sourced from the Internet; Title font – Century Gothic; Text font – Franklin Gothic Medium.

2 comments for “My Heroes Scrapbooking Idea

  1. Barbara Robinson
    September 8, 2015 at 1:29 am

    I was totally surprised to see President Ikeda of SGI on here. I was wondering about your background and this gave me more info. Thank you for inspiring me to put my memorable trip with my daughters into an album.

    • Fion
      September 8, 2015 at 5:27 pm

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad to hear that you’ll be scrapping an album of your memorable trip! Yes, that’s President Ikeda. I’ve made that layout a few years back. While other heroes in my life might have changed over the years, but he remains as a constant. :)

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