My Little Boy is Into Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep sitting inside a white floral car. About two months ago, my little boy started to watch Peppa Pig. Six months prior to that when he was 3.5 years old, I did show him Peppa Pig videos but it didn’t catch on. Perhaps he didn’t understand it back then as quite a bit of conversation was going on in each episode.

Then out of the blue, one day he was choosing which videos to watch and caught an episode of the cute piggy. After that, it’s all about Peppa Pig videos. He didn’t even want to watch Pororo, Pocoyo or Barney videos anymore.

Everyday, he’s looking forward to watching about Peppa Pig and I’m surprised that now he’s understanding the content enough to watch. He can remember all the character names. His favorites are Peppa Pig and her best friend Suzy sheep.

About Peppa Pig

I’ve sat down and watched a few episodes with him before and I did enjoy this animated series actually.

Peppa Pig is a UK production and it revolves around the adventures of Peppa Pig, her family and friends. Her friends are different animals and each has a last name denoting the animal type. For example, Zoey Zebra, Rebecca Rabbit.

Unlike previous animated series that my boy has watched, this animated series focus on family, with Peppa Pig having a younger brother George who loves Mr. Dinosaur, going to playschool, visiting grandparents, having fun with friends.

Recently, my son has been sprouting lines from the animated video series every now and then. “The Wonderful World of Concrete”, “This magazine is so good, it’s all about potatoes!”, “I’ve got important work to do”, “Delicious….yuck!”, “I won’t do that again, sorry Mummy Pig”and a few others that I can’t recall now. It’s very cute hearing him reciting lines from the animated series, except for those times when he apologized and addressed me as Mummy Pig.

Yesterday, he even carried around his Hot Wheels storage case and turned it into his briefcase and acted as if he was going to work in a building, just like Daddy Pig!

Peppa Pig and family have a fascination about jumping in muddy puddles. Yesterday night, it rained and we had some wet puddles out there. When we were out walking to the supermarket, he asked if he could step into the wet puddle, I said no.

Preschool Kids Can Relate to Peppa Pig

I guess a big attraction of the show is how preschool kids can relate with the Peppa Pig, her family and her friends.

It’s quite funny to notice how my little one even watches YouTube videos featuring a man or woman narrating while playing with actual Peppa Pig toy figurines. It’s rather silly but he seems to be drawn into it.

And oh, the very catchy tune of the Bing Bong Song sang in the Peppa Pig, my little boy taught me the lyrics. On a few occasions, I’ve seen him pretending to strum his toy guitar and break into, “Ooh… we’re playing a tune and we’re singing a song…” Very cute and quite funny.

Are your preschool kids into watching Peppa Pig? What do you think about this animated series?

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