My Project Life Scrapbook – Chinese New Year

After a week of our nation’s outpouring of grief and mourning over our late nation’s founding father’s passing away, life is beginning to resume back to normal.

For the past week, it’s been a very moving experience watching, hearing and reading about massive queues waiting up to 10 hours to pay their last respects to our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the Lying in State at the Parliament House.

My sisters and I have planned to go to the Parliament House at 1am last Thursday, as we thought the queue would be more manageable during the wee hours. We were wrong. Singaporeans would queue whether it’s day or night.

To our dismay, the latest online queue update reflected that the estimated waiting time was 8 hours even after midnight! As we worried that we won’t be able to make it back in time to look after our kids as our husbands would leave for work early in the morning, we canceled our trip. My youngest sister and her husband did go ahead but in the end, they too went home upon reaching the area and saw with their own eyes the massive queue and crowds.

On Sunday, for the State Funeral Service, thousands lined the streets to bid their final farewells to Mr Lee in spite of the sudden downpour. It didn’t rain for the whole week and suddenly it rained on thousands and thousands of Singaporeans that day. It made us feel as as if even the heaven was crying for Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

50 years ago, our nation’s founding father cried for our nation, 50 years later, our nation cried and grieved on his demise.

Now that the state funeral is over, I’m trying to get back to blogging but I’m still feeling a bit lost…

Photos of My Chinese New Year Pages

Anyway, I’ve completed the Project Life pages for this year Chinese New Year more than a week ago. I didn’t want to slot these photos under my February pages. Instead, I set aside a few pages to cover this event. So besides doing monthly Project Life spreads, I would occasionally break out and create event-based Project Life pages too.

Project Life page showing my family's 2015 Reunion Dinner.My Project Life pages tracking our 2015 Chinese New Year activities.My Project Life page showing our family gathering during 2015 Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is the probably the biggest period of celebration for us Chinese in Singapore. Starting around 2007, we’ve starting taking annual Chinese New Year group photo whenever we go over to my uncle’s place for home visiting. This group photo would include my siblings and their families, my uncle and his family and my family. That’s about 20 of us.

My late grandfather used to be in these photos till he’s gone in 2010 but we continue with the photo taking tradition. I believe in years to come, we would look back at these annual family photos, reminisce and talk about how fast time passes.

Just this morning, I was at the hawker centre eating breakfast with my husband. While my husband queued to buy vegetarian bee hoon (noodles), I overheard the conversation between two elderly men whom we were sharing the table with.

One man remarked, “Time passes by so fast! It’s already Tuesday!” The other man replied, “When we were young, we didn’t feel that time passed by so quickly. As we grow older and older, it seems as if time is passing by faster and faster. It’s like there’s not enough time. Soon, we won’t have any time anymore!”

These men are likely to be grandfathers. I’m just a mommy and yet their words resonate with me.

Supplies Used in My Project Life Scrapbook

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